Is your WooCommerce store

losing money on cart abandonment?

Whether you’re running a huge business or a small online store, selling products or services – cart abandonment costs you a ton of money.

And if you do nothing, it’s only getting worse…


So, why shoppers abandon their carts? How do you convince them to come back and make a purchase? Send them emails, or drop them calls?

All will be revealed below...

THREE mistakes that lead to cart abandonment

& ONE top-notch solution to fix them all

Conversion expert, Bryan Eisenberg, suggested that there are 3 common mistakes that lead to cart abandonment:

If you're really serious about capturing abandoned carts, 3 mistakes above are something that need to be solved. Immediately.

Here's our good news:

Over the past 6 years, 80 people at Beeketing have been working hard on finding solutions for exactly these problems and can confidently say we have finally figured it out.

We put all resources to built Beeketing for WooCommerce - An all-in-one marketing plugin you'll ever need to recover abandoned carts and boost sales for WooCommerce.

MISTAKE 1: Fail to encourage shoppers to complete their purchase after adding a product to cart.

MISTAKE 2: Fail to build trust and credibility, lack of trust signals during the shopping process.

MISTAKE 3: Fail to keep shoppers coming back after abandoning their carts.

Tackle mistake #2: 

Use social proofs to build trust and credibility

Adding social proof is a good (and easy) way to build trust and authenticity.

Social proof makes people believe that action they're about to take is correct and highly desirable. 

Such as buying your products because other people have just bought it and said it was awesome.

Beeketing helps you display live sales notification popups at the corner of your  site with a custom message. 

This message can nudge shoppers in the direction of purchasing or viewing more products on your store.

One of the best thing: you can use this feature without paying a penny. All you need to do is...

We called it...

Tackle mistake #3: 

Send cart recovery emails to

keep shoppers coming back

With 63% chance of recovering a lost sale, sending cart recovery emails is one of the best ways to bring back abandoned shoppers and make them complete their purchase.

Beeketing has got you covered. 

Multiple cart recovery emails can be sent automatically to remind them of what they're leaving in their cart.

You also can offer incentives to persuade customers to return and complete their checkout.

Take a look at the example below. 

It’s a very simple message telling customers what they’ve given up. Better yet, it gives them the link to easily get back to their cart, skipping the registration page so that they don’t have to provide their info all over again.

With Beeketing, all emails will be sent based on customers’ behaviors. You can freely change the frequency of emails; or subject and content of each email if you like.

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