Recover abandoned cart with
automated & targeted web push notification

Higher Opt-ins, Real-time communication &Higher conversion rate

Recover Cart Pusher

Recover Cart Pusher

Price: FREE

Available on Shopify

Highlighted Features

  • Send automated & targeted push notifications on web browsers to recover abandoned carts and drastically bring back the lost revenue.

  • Real-time communication, broad reach & higher conversion rates.

  • Highly customizable with a lot of customization options (message, logo, custom links…) to make it your own.



Recover Cart Pusher - Turn your abandoned carts into sales with web push notifications.

Recover Cart Pusher helps to send personalized push notifications to customers who have abandoned a cart right on their desktop. The notifications are clickable and send your customers directly to their carts, so they can complete the purchases immediately. The app brings you the most powerful channel to re-engage your visitors even though you might not know their contact details or they are not on your site anymore. Let's see why!

why use
Recover Cart Pusher?

Efficiently recover abandoned carts

Bring you the most effective channel to communicate with customers in real time and bring them back to your store to complete their purchases.

Easy to use and manage

You don’t have to be a designer, developer or marketer, Recover Cart Pusher only takes 1 click to install and less than 2 minutes to set up.

It's Free

100%! No hidden charge. We made it for you because we love you so much ♡♡♡

How it works

What customers say about
"Recover Cart Pusher"?*


Very happy with apps. They are great! Professional, fast support, wonderful people behind it. Overall, thank you for the great experience. Appreciate it!


Amazing results in such a short period of time. Highly recommend all Beeketing's products! Thanks, Guys!


It really works and it is customizable. Thanks to the team for the great effort put on this app and we are waiting for more.

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