Join 47,000+ E-commerce Businesses Who Reduce 2/3 Of Their Support Cost With Answers

Join 47,000+ E-commerce Businesses Who Reduce 2/3 Of Their Support Cost With Answers

Deliver exceptional customer support with Free Facebook Live Chat

Free Facebook Live Chat helps you support your customers via Facebook Messenger with an on-site live chat widget. It lets you manage complicated cases seamlessly as you can provide engaging, authentic conversations during the support.

Plus, you can use all the contacts saved in your Messenger’s inbox to build close relationships with your customers.

Complete self-service support with Searchable FAQs

Searchable FAQs is a search tool alive on your site that helps your customers find the answers to the common questions instantly, even during the peak time.

This is because our smart keyword-detector works 24/7 to identify all the solutions related to that inserted keyword and present the most “precise” results. Thus, their issues are solved instantly before you need to do anything.

Free up 70% of your inbox with Order Status

Also a search tool, but Order Status provides the quickest way to check customers’ order status via Answers’ widget on your site.

It will ask for customers’ order number and their email address in order to show them a link to their delivery status’ page. As a result, customers won’t have to repeatedly send you a similar question.

Reduce human support with the 1st Chatbot for e-commerce

Beeketing’s Chatbot uses Facebook Messenger platform to provide AI-powered customer support that helps you gain efficiency and reduce the cost simultaneously.

Anytime customers ask questions Chatbot can handle, it immediately identifies the problems and resolves them before you need to do anything. Thus, it allows you to have more questions resolved, but with less effort put in.

Highlight features

Take up minimal space and resources on your site

The app is lightweight. It will makes no impact on your site speed and make sure of a great customer experience on your online store.

Work seamlessly across the devices

Regardless what devices your are using, Answers is responsive to all, from mobile, tablet to small-screen desktop.

Better User Experience

Just 5 minutes to get the app up and running. Our ultimate goal is to make Answers easy and simple for you to use.

Top-notch customer support

We promise to deliver super fast support. We are very responsive via all support channel: live chat, email, Facebook messenger, direct call.

Trusted by more than 47,000 online businesses all over the world...

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