Your most simple way to support customers right on-site with Facebook Chat.

Live chat with customers via Facebook Messenger. Bring customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Quick Facebook Chat

Quick Facebook Chat

Price: FREE

Available on Shopify, Wordpress, BigCommerce and LightSpeed

Highlighted Features

  • Chat with customers by Facebook accounts, right on your store

  • View customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them to increase sales

  • Support customers anywhere, anytime, even on your mobile phone


How do you stay friendly and helpful to your customers, and increase sales at the same time?

The key to never miss any sales is to be a casual and helpful friend, not a seller. Facebook is among the most popular social media that customers use, in fact, about 74% of shoppers are frequently active on Facebook. So why not leverage your Facebook account and make it the most friendly customer support channel ever?

why use
Quick Facebook Chat?

On-site customer support

Customers can get support by chatting as Facebook friends with you anytime they want, right on your store. Your customer service will feel so much more natural and friendlier!

Make customers happier

Quickly view customers’ Facebook profiles to get a glimpse of their personas and customize your messages, so your conversations seem more natural and personal.

Easy to use, no coding required

Quick Facebook Chat is optimized so you can quickly install and use on your store. Just 5 minutes and you can start having conversation with customers!

How it works

What customers say about
"Quick Facebook Chat"?*


Simple and does the job is being available to our customers. The support was straight forward and helped us with our issue in getting it live :)


Best Chat app! You can stay connected all the time with your mobile, unlike other contact apps that collect emails when your offline which customers are not comfortable being trapped into giving away emails just to talk. With this app, your customers can chat with you directly and conveniently without any form filling steps. Best of all ITS 100% FREEE - NO hidden fees, NO hidden tracking scripts that can be flagged by google's SEO penalties. NO adverts Works great without no bugs or any 3rd party ads (mobile side).


Thankyou Beeketing you make it so much more easy for my customers to easily and quickly reach out to us!! We love what it looks like too, super sleek and accommodating the look of my store!

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The Facebook chat integration by Beeketing has been fantastic. The set-up is simple, quick, and seamless. We choose to stick with using Beeketing because their product is not only top-notch, but communicating with their customer service has just been phenomenal. The Facebook chat integration has increased our messages to our Facebook page by over 1000%. We've also seen a huge spike in likes to our Facebook page. This plug-in is simple to set up, grows our brand on Facebook, and best of all, it's FREE - our only regret is we didn't discover Beeketing sooner.

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