Join 47,000+ eCommerce businesses who successfully turn conversations into conversions with Quick Facebook Chat

Join 47,000+ eCommerce businesses who successfully turn conversations into conversions with Quick Facebook Chat

Stop the delay in customer support and boost customer satisfaction

Quick Facebook Chat allows your customers to send you the messages directly via a Messenger live chat widget on your site. Both parties can follow up with the conversation anytime, anywhere with Facebook Messenger accounts.

Turn conversations into conversions with personalized support

Quick Facebook Chat lets you provide engaging, authentic support easily and seamlessly, all meant to build trust and open the opportunities for future sales. Since you can access the chat history anytime, you have the ability to continue the conversations even after customers have left your store.

As of a result, you can easily reply to customers and quickly address their concerns. This thoughtful support will for sure lead to a higher conversion rate.

Grow your Facebook Messenger subscriber list

As soon as the customers send you messages through the Messenger widget on your store, you are eligible to subscribe them to your Facebook messenger subscriber list and then re-engage with them later.

Super easy to set up

It literally takes you two minutes to complete the whole setup. You are more than welcome to customize your on-site widget to match it with your store’s theme and branding.

Highlight features

Take up minimal space and resources on your site

The app is lightweight. It will makes no impact on your site speed and make sure of a great customer experience on your online store.

Work seamlessly across the devices

Regardless of what devices your are using, Quick Facebook Chat is responsive to all, from mobile, tablet to small-screen desktop.

Better User Experience

Just 2 minutes to get the app up and running. Our ultimate goal is to make Quick Facebook Chat easy and simple for you to use.

Top-notch customer support

We promise to deliver super fast support. We are very responsive via all support channel: live chat, email, Facebook messenger, direct call.

Trusted by more than 47,000 online businesses all over the world...

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