Targeted recommendations to
convert visitors into paying customers.

Up-sell and cross-sell the right products to the right customers
at the right time, with targeted personalization.

Personalized Recommendation

Personalized Recommendation

Price: Free - Custom

Available on Shopify, Wordpress, BigCommerce and LightSpeed

Highlighted Features

  • Increase sales by suggesting the right products they may be interested in, based on their behavior and purchase history.

  • Tailor recommendations to each of your unique customers, amazing them that you know their needs even better than they do themselves.

  • 25x ROI. The app pays for itself. Totally FREE if it generates no sales for you


The reality is most of the time your customers don’t know what else you have to offer, which may turn out to be exactly what they desire! Just like your virtual salesman, Personalized Recommendation assists in providing your customers with more relevant options and multiplying the size of their shopping cart. It aims at bringing you closer to your final goal: to maximize your sales revenue. Personalized Recommendation can totally rock your sales with 4 main functions:

why use
Personalized Recommendation?

Increase Order Value

Magnify the size of your customers’ order by giving them more wanted products around your store, just like Amazon’s shopping experience.

Targeted & Personalized Recommendation

Based on each customer behaviors, our app will suggest the most suitable products that your customers are more likely to purchase. All recommendations are different to each unique visitor.

25x ROI Guarantee

You only pay 4% of extra revenue the app generates for you. If it makes you no sales, it is totally free. No more cost-related risk, no more burden on your Marketing budget now.

How it works

What customers say about
"Personalized Recommendation"?*

HOBBYWING North America

We have researched thoroughly and found this app. Highly recommend to install this app as it pays himself a monthly subscription cost (after trial period is over) within a week so all you are looking at is purely positive result. We have combined other apps created by the same company. "Better Coupon Box" & "Checkout Boost" They all work flawlessly, allowing us to combine various offers for a customer. In the end, Customers are happy which makes us even more happy...

Barberry Coast Shave Co.

Great app and great service! Support has been very responsive and quick to do so. Since installing our average order size has nearly doubled.

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