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Extra sales that Personalized Recommendation has generated for eCommerce entrepreneurs all over the world

Smart recommendations that totally rock your sales

Bought this also bought

Personalized Recommendation automatically suggests items that best compliment a specific product being viewed by customers at the bottom of each product page.

Best sellers of the store

This feature hits your customers with most desirable products of your store right in the homepage.

Recently viewed & featured recommendations

Highly personalized for each unique customer, recently viewed & featured recommendations are automatically suggested at the footer of homepage, collection page and others.

Cart recommendation

Cart recommendation suggests the most relevant additional products that a customer will possibly want based on their cart.

Smart Upsell Popup

When customers add an item from the recommendation widgets, Smart Upsell Popup will appear to suggest more items they are likely to buy.

Handpicked products by you

This widget lets store owners freely choose which products to show. Have a set of products that you want customers to buy together? This is definitely for you!

Boosts your sales up to 25% by automatically recommending the right products that your customers want to buy

With Beeketing AI embeded, Personalized Recommendation is the virtual salesman of your online store: get to know what customers need and suggest the right products accordingly that they can't resist to buy, boost the average order value, and help you to achieve your ultimate goal of maximum sales growth.

Targeted and personalized recommendations to convert visitors into customers

You have data. Lots of data. Beeketing AI learns from all that data to deliver predictions and recommendations based on your customers' unique shopping behaviors.

It suggests the right products to each of your unique customers, amazes them that you know their needs even better than they do themselves.

Super easy to install and customize your recommendation widgets

Install and turn on your recommendation engines in just 5 minutes. The app also provides many layouts, so you can freely customize its widgets to match your store's look & feel.

Highlight features

Increase order value

Magnify the size of your customers’ orders by giving them more wanted products around your store, just like Amazon’s shopping experience.

Beautifully responsive on mobile

51% shoppers are shopping on their mobile phones & tablets. We make sure you'll lose no potential sales by displaying your recommendations nicely on both desktop and all mobile devices.

Better user experience

We're optimized UI and UX on both front-end and back-end of the app. Our ultimate goal is to make Personalized Recommendation super easy for you to install and use, make it become the most useful tool to rock your sales.

Detailed performance report

To help you track how Personalized Recommendation works, we provide detailed reports in the app's dashboard as well as via weekly emails. Nothing complicated, we make reports very straight-forward so you can easily make data-driven decisions.

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