Maximize mobile conversions with
sticky add-to-cart bar & better visual experience

Start making way more money from mobile.

Mobile Converter

Mobile Converter

Price: FREE

Available on Shopify, Wordpress, BigCommerce, Lightspeed and Weebly

Highlighted Features

  • Boost up your mobile conversion rate for your online stores with a fixed Add-to-cart bar on the top or bottom of the mobile screen. Influence sales by simplifying site navigation.

  • Deliver a superior mobile experience for your customers with a full-screen view of product images and a direct call-to-action button, which gives them the most detailed visual look of your products and better shopping experience.

  • Satisfy your mobile customers and win more sales from mobile.


Win more sales by embracing mobile commerce - The dominant device

52% eCommerce transactions in the US were mobile in 2016. It's 51% in the UK, 38% in Germany. Mobile commerce opens a new area of online shopping.
Mobile is indeed convenient but the small screen is the biggest limitation when it comes to user experience. With Conversion Driver and Mobile Gallery features, Mobile Converter eliminates the disadvantages, satisfies your customers and drives their actions while they are browsing your online stores on mobile.

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Mobile Converter?

100% FREE & Boost up mobile conversions

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Great App! Highly Recommend! My friends are about to open an online store as well, I'll definitely tell them to use this app.

Pug Crazy

Noticed an increase in sales after installing this app. Getting this app is a MUST for all stores!!

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