You're doing

the holidays wrong

Still working on your Christmas sales? Then you've been doing the holidays all wrong.

It's the most wonderful time of the year to be with your friends, puppy and family. Not with your holi-business.

But, how do you make money while being with your family? How do you free yourself from the middle of the burdensome work while increasing +425% in sales?

All will be revealed below.

4 sales automation hacks 

+ tools that save you 4h/day

and +425% in sales while you enjoy your break

Upsell relevant items & cross-sell in bundles to increase average order value and 10x sales during the busiest holiday season of the year!

It’s the easiest way to sell more products...with virtually NO extra work.

Suggested tool: Boost Sales

Sell in bundles, upsell & cross-sell to the max!

It's Christmas! People usually shop in a hurry.

Create time-sensitive offers to take advantage of urgency, scarcity and boost sales.

Suggested tool: Checkout Boost

Motivate spontaneous purchases with time-sensitive offers

Set up a drip campaign to send out follow up emails automatically to win your lost customers back.

This hack helps grow sales by 30% & save 85% of your time.

Suggested tool: MailBot

Send out automated emails triggered by customers’ behaviors

Implement product recommendation widgets to have your own virtual salesman for your online store this Christmas.

Suggest the right products to the right customers, at the right time accordingly and automatically.

Suggested tool: Personalized Recommendation

Recommend the right products

to the right customers

The first 100 Beeketing users will get SiteKit - a killing tool to create smart annoucement bar - for FREE this Christmas!

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This Christmas, cheer more work less with Beeketing

Ready to Set & Forget?