Working your ass off this Halloween?

No, you shouldn’t.

Because running a successful online store in as little as 20 hours a week is absolutely possible.

But, how do you achieve full-time results in just part-time hours? Cut down your workload, improve productivity?

All will be revealed below...

But first, let us tell you a mind-blowing story about Marcus and his eCommerce journey.

Becoming an 


is not what it seems

This is Marcus. He has an online store that provides home decor products and has been running it for more than 3 years.

He loves his job cause he can sell whatever he likes, work wherever he wants and be his own boss.

Sounds great, right? Maybe not.

Especially during holidays, his workload is intense. He has no time for himself nor his family.

He works 15 hours/day, 7 days/week,  but conversion rates are still not as good as he expected.

Then Marcus decided to change the way he works. He tried some new automation tools that help him save time & boost conversion rates. 

Results are remarkable...

80% of his work leads to just 20% of his results

This holiday, join Marcus and 350,000+ eCommerce entrepreneurs worldwide

to live more & work less with Beeketing

4 sales automation tools 

that save you 4 hours/day

and 2x your sales while you sleep

Checkout Boost

Different types of deals / offers to increase checkout rate to 7% or more

Boost Sales

Automated upsells & cross-sells backed by AI to 2x your average order value

Personalized Recommendation

Product recommendation widgets to convert visitors into paying customers


Send personalized follow up emails automatically to grow sales by 30% & save 85% of your time

In the end, I wouldn't trade my current situation for any other option, and I'm grateful to be able to do what I truly love.

Ready to Set & Forget?

valued at $15,000 will start on Oct 24 

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