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Powerful marketing automation

Mailbot helps you gain back the lost sales as well as turning your visitors into revenue with personalized emails:

• Boost conversion rate: Follow-up customers with personalized & automated emails based on their behaviors in order to motivate them to make purchase.

• Increase customer loyalty: Send recommended products, hottest items of the week, reward coupons to customers.

• Increase retention rates: Make slipping-away customers come back and buy again.

Fully customizable email templates

We pre-built several email templates that serve different marketing purposes such as introducing New Arrivals items, recommending more products that customers may like, etc. Mailbot helps you save so much time to create a newsletter with:

• Content blocks that can be dragged and dropped to create a professional email.

• Optimizing send time based on customer's timezone to have the highest engagement.

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Trigger personalized emails to customers based on their behaviors

Automation campaigns help you trigger automated personalized emails to unique customers when they perform an action.

• Happy Email: Happy Email helps to send a thank-you email from YOU to your customers automatically, 30 minutes after they make the first order, or signup for an account on your site. It helps to create a personal touch and gain trust from your customers.

• Sales Nurturing: By analyzing customers' browsing and sales history, MailBot actively engages them with personalized & automated emails to nurture visitors who are interested in some products but not buying, recover abandoned carts, and bring back the lost revenue.

• Sales Return: Bring back slipping-away customers with products they truly want. Sales Return automatically reminds and engages with customers who haven't come back for 30 days, to increase retention rate.

• Buy again: Have some products that can be bought again in cycles, for example: skin care, baby products, etc.? This campaign is perfect for you! With your help to set up the cycle of a collection or a product, Newsletter Bot will compose emails to target customers who already bought that item, just in time they need to buy that product again.

• Reward Coupon: Motivate customers who have had multiple purchases on your store to come back and buy more with a reward coupon.

In-depth Analytics & Optimization

MailBot app gives you the insights you need to make right decisions. All campaigns’ results are reported in 1 dashboard for you to keep track of your KPIs and how we’re helping you to reach them.

Highlight features

Work out of the box

Within a few clicks, all powerful email campaigns are ready to run on your store, based on the big data and machine learning system from Mailbot app.

Beautifully responsive on all devices

51% of customers are shopping on their mobile phones & tablets. We've optimized all emails from Mailbot campaigns on both desktop and mobile devices to make sure your customers have the best shopping experience, and you'll have the best conversion rate.

A new level of personalization

People want to connect with real people, that's why MailBot focuses on bringing the best personal experience to your customers. Every email content is taylored to be relevant to every single customer.

Detailed performance report

To help you track what types of emails work best and optimize them for better performance, we provide a detailed report on every single campaign. Everything is straight-forward, precise and easy to follow so you can take quick actions.

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