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How Top of the world distributors has boosted conversion rate for their subsidiary company, Calotren, and got $159,477.35 extra sales only using Checkout Boost app

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Back in the days when the term of e-commerce hasn’t exist, Calotren depended mostly on traditional marketing channels. Radio advertising bought them a quite good amount of sales. However, the cost for radio advertising kept increasing. As a result, the growth rate slowed down. Fortunately, in 2015, foreseeing the trend of e-commerce, they decided to expand by opening an online store in BigCommerce. The opportunity is huge, but so as the challenges.

The first thing they had to deal with was gaining trust from new prospects. Weight loss supplement is a potential but competitive market. People get used to see or hear exaggerated advertisement of low-quality products. They hesitate to try new things. Calotren had to find a different way to build brand trust and remove the skepticism of visitors.

At the same time, increasing their conversion rate is a major concern. It’s such a pain for every e-commerce newbie to see people come and go without buying anything. Unlike the traditional marketing, they can’t have a sales team to call and sell directly to each customer. They need a way to do on-site marketing automatically, something that could keep customers stay, right at the moment they are about to leave the store. Traffic already costs a fortune, Calotren doesn’t want to lose their money that easy.


Use Sales Pop to gain trust from visitors

Elizabeth, CEO of Calotren, found out that if visitors can really see what others are buying from Calotren, they may be more confident to make a decision. Especially when their targeted customers is quite sensitive: women at the age of above 40. This group of customers have financial capacity but they are really careful before buying anything.

Then Elizabeth found Sales Pop app in BigCommerce Marketplace. This app generates recent sales notifications from real orders and show them as small pop-ups at the corner of the screen. In the notification, the product name and product image are nicely presented.

sales pop

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Use Checkout Boost to encourage people to checkout:

Also being found on BigCommerce Marketplace, Checkout Boost appeared to be exactly what she was looking for, an app to prevent cart abandonment.

Checkout Boost is integrated with the exit-intent technology, which can detect signs of leaving. In order to take advantage of this feature, Elizabeth created a free gift offer which is triggered when a customer is about to leave. To be more precisely, when customers are just about to close the tab, a pop-up immediately appears, asking if they want a free bottle of Belly Blast. They just need to checkout to get the free gift.

By offering the right incentive at the right time, she captured many about-to-leave customers.

checkout boost exit-intent offer

During the interview with Elizabeth, she couldn’t help but showed her satisfaction several times about the convenience of the app’s analytics. Checkout Boost reported the performance of each offer by showing helpful metrics such as: share rates, checkout rates, etc. It helped a lot on knowing what was good and what wasn’t so she could make the improvements in time.

Checkout Boost analytic report

For instant, she had tested 2 types of offers: one that has a countdown timer placed on to urge customer to checkout (Countdown) and one that customers can get incentive unconditionally (Just-take-it). She realized that when it came to a holiday season, the offer with a countdown timer worked better. Because it intensely created the sense of urgency to urge people to make purchasing decision quickly. However, in the rest of the time, Just-take-it offer tops others with the conversion rate of 20.55%.

Checkout Boost now becomes a must-have tool to increase conversion rates for Calotren.

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With Sales Pop, customer engagement time was significantly improved. Customers started noticing about those notifications and click to see the products that were bought by others. This can totally be considered as a good way of referral.

At the time we talked to Elizabeth, Checkout Boost was installed for only 3 months but the number of extra sales were made with the app is huge: $159,477.

By combining 2 apps at the same time, Calotren has boosted their conversion rate from 4% to 6.3%.


In the crowd of weight loss products, Calotren appears to be ‘a truthful brand instead of a miracle solution’. It was found on 1997 by Randy and Lisa with the aim to provide a natural and no side-effect supplement to lose weight. They catched up with the e-commerce trend by opening their online store on BigCommerce in 2015.

Now, they are growing rapidly with a sure-fire conversion rate of 6.3%.


'We use several of the Beeketing apps but Checkout Boost is my favorite as you can directly see exactly what is helping convert, and it also translates it into dollar amounts, too. Being able to see results and adjust where necessary is what makes this app better than everything else we've tried. Super easy to install and use (we did the installation ourselves as we don't have an in house developer).'

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