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Unlike other newly-opened stores, Kissvivi has had already a steady number of customers. However, retaining customers and avoiding cart abandonment are quite challenging to the company.

Chloe, the founder of Kissvivi, told us: “ We found keeping customers coming back and buying again really difficult. On top of that, we had got many store visitors but not a big deal of sales due to cart abandonment.”

“I heard that email marketing could help us then I gave it a try. But honestly, I saw it extremely time-consuming and ineffective: I had to compose dozen emails and manually send them but shoppers hardly interact with my emails”, said Chloe.


Mailbot: Your virtual email marketing assistant

Thanks to an app-review blog post, Chloe, the founder of Kissvivi knew about Mailbot and decided to try it with a 15-day free trial.

“I must confess that Mailbot is an extremely powerful when it comes to email marketing. The app has all the features I need for my store.”

In the beginning, the founder has taken advantage of 5 top-notch types of email automation campaigns: Happy Email, Cart Abandonment, Browse Abandonment, Reward Coupon and Win-back Email. All of these email campaigns have been pre-made and sent out automatically after being enabled, thus handling all the hassles of manually crafting emails for marketing

Firstly, Chloe activated Happy Email feature, sending a welcome email on her behalf to shoppers after they make the first purchase or sign up for a new account on the store. A personal welcome email like that is quite helpful to create a personal touch, gain trust from Kissvivi customers and boost the conversion marketing

Secondly, Chloe knew that 92% of the store visitors tend not to make any purchases for the first time. Meanwhile, nearly 70% of Kissvivi customers added items to carts then left without checking out. “It would a huge waste if I don’t do anything to win them back”, Chloe thought.

So the founder has relied on Browse Abandonment and Cart Abandonment features of Mailbot to remind those customers of the items they left and motivate them to come back and complete their orders. With 23,562 Cart & Browse abandonment emails delivered, she managed to gain more 1,131 orders and $59,572 in 3 marketingemail marketing

In order to keep loyal customers staying with the store, the founder decided to leverage Reward Coupon feature of Mailbot. After being enabled, Mailbot has automatically sent a reward coupon to customers who purchase from 3 orders per month, encouraging them to come back and buy more. This is also one of the most efficient email campaigns of Kissvivi in terms of open rate, clicks and conversion marketing

Next, for those who haven't come back to Kissvivi store for more than 20 days, Win-back Email feature with Beeketing Artificial Intelligence has helped to send a follow-up email sequence, recommending the products they might love based on their previous purchases. It allows the store to easily re-engage slipping-away customers and make them purchase again.

Finally, when it comes to sending newsletters, Chloe has taken advantage of 2 powerful newsletter ebots: New Arrivals and Site-wide marketing

New Arrivals ebot helps Chloe to automatically detect new products and create New Arrivals campaigns & promote them to customers every week. Plus, New Arrivals ebot also randomly choose email subject line, preheader and email template for each customer, so that the company’s newsletters have never made their customers feel bored and tedious.

“I really like the automatic New Arrivals feature. As you can see, our store has more than 2,000 items, so hand picking new-arrivals products for every weekly newsletter is almost impossible.”email marketingemail marketing

Besides, by applying smart big data algorithm to understand Kissvivi customer's interest over their purchase as well as their sales history, once a month Site-wide recommendations ebot creates a personalized newsletter to recommend each Kissvivi customer some products they're most likely to buy. Thanks to this, Chloe has made extra 550 orders and $24,189 in just a month.


Finally, thanks to Mailbot ONLY, Kissvivivi has made extra more than $118k and 2,607 orders, bringing their email marketing to an advanced level. email marketing


Founded in 2017, Kissvivi provides a wide range of women clothes and accessories, including more than 2,000 items on the store from dresses, leggings to bags and shoes.

Kissvivi products have acquired an international reputation for being fashionable and reasonably priced.


"Mailbot has freed us from all the stressing work of email marketing. Not only it has all the features I need for email marketing, but these features are also 100% automated yet personalized. Awesome!"

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