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Unlike other newly-opened store (such as ), FlyPolar has been launched for more than 3 years and has had already a steady number of traffic for itself. The problems they faced before using Beeketing apps were to improve site’s checkout rate, retention rate (no.of customers com back to buy) and Average Order Value (AOV):

“We got wind of upsell and cross-selling tactics, what can help increase AOV of business, but we didn’t know how to implement it, especially with selling online.”
“Believe or not, but our conversion rate was roughly under 1%. People entered our site and left without buying. We struggled to improve it but there was no hope for us.”


Checkout Boost: Leverage social traffic & improve checkout rate

Thanks to the suggestion from a friend, founder of FlyPolar knew about Checkout Boost app: “My friend said the app had been a life-saver for her store and recommended me to try it. I thought I had nothing to lose if I try it since the app included 14 free-trial days” - said Shawn, FlyPolar founder.

One of the most effective ways to avoid cart abandonment is to improve the quality of traffic to the site. Understanding it, FlyPolar makes use of Share-to-get feature of Checkout Boost app to create an eye-catching pop-up, encouraging their site visitors to share their carts on social media. By doing so, FlyPolar has generated a lot of high-quality referral traffic from social network sharing created by their own customers.

On top of that, the company tries to create some Just-take-it offers with Checkout Boost, giving the customer a free T-shirt to motivate them to check out their cart immediately.


Speaking of reducing cart abandonment, Checkout Boost also helps generate an urgency for the store with Countdown timer offer and Sales Motivator, which urges customers to spend more, as well as completing their orders more quickly if they want to receive a free gift.


By implementing those methods above only, FlyPolar saw a 63% increase in the checkout rate and an 8% uplift in their revenue in the first month!

Boost Sales: Take the most out of upselling & cross-selling

“We heard that Amazon increased 35 % of their sales with upselling and cross-selling tactics only. Can we apply it for our store?”

Understanding the importance of upselling and cross-selling when it comes to selling online, FlyPolar decided to reach out to our Marketing Gurus to seek for some advice about this tactic. After taking a further look at FlyPolar store, we suggested that they needed to improve their average order value and allowed them to try our Boost Sales app for free.

In the first place, our gurus suggested they create a bunch of upselling & cross-selling bundles, in which they showcase a number of complementary products to be bought together (e.g. FlyPolar clothes for women are usually bought with a handbag). When customers add one of these products to cart, the bundles will pop-up and convince them to buy the whole set at a reasonable price. This makes Flypolar’s visitors not be able to resist adding more items to their carts and thus improved the company’s average order value.

After seeing the positive results from using Boost Sales app, FlyPolar continues creating more up-selling & cross-selling offers to boost their sales and to find out what bundles would work the best as well. However, this method sometimes consumes too much time because the store has more than 1,300 products.

Then they decide to take advantage of feature “Smart Upsell & Cross-sell” integrated in Boost Sale app. Born with big data and machine learning technology, Boost Sales will automatically pick appropriate products to recommend to FlyPolar customers, so the store owner doesn’t have to lift a finger. “It definitely increased our chance of selling more relevant products and boosted our sales. How intelligent it was!”- said Shawn.

Mailbot: Virtual email marketing assistant

As many other online stores, FlyPolar also had to struggle to retain customers and avoid abandonment carts during a long period of time. In addition, thanks to an eye-catching pop-up created by Better Coupon Box app, the company has collected a number of visitors emails. But they didn’t have any ideas of sending personal emails or how to convert those customers into sales.

Then FlyPolar co-founder uses Mailbot app to kick off their email marketing plan: “I have to confess that Mailbot app is an extremely super-powerful tool when it comes to email marketing. We even couldn’t take the most out of it from the first day, until we found out the app’s optimization tutorial. All tools you need for email marketing have been integrated into this app already”

There is a wide range of top-notch features of the app that FlyPolar can take advantage of. First, the company creates a rule-based campaign which automatically sends a confirmation email with order status, estimated time arrival, option for faster shipping,etc to customers whenever they complete their purchases. Not only has this helped to build trust towards the brand, but it also has made the customers feel more secure while shopping as well.

Then in order to fight back their high abandonment cart rate, FlyPolar activates one of the most effective automation email campaign of MailBot: Cart Abandonment. The app will instantly send a follow-up email to those who added items to cart, but didn’t check out then left the site. This tactic has been proven to be one of the most efficient re-marketing strategies, which aims to remind customers, encourage them to come back and buy.

Finally, Mailbot also helps FlyPolar curate a variety of well-designed newsletters with many carefully written templates to promote their new arrivals every week. Not only does the app pick the products and send these newsletters in an automatic way, but it also randomly choose email subject line, preheader and email template for each customer, so that the company’s newsletters have never made their customers feel bored and tedious.


Finally, FlyPolar generated $490k+ and 6k+ orders more with 3 Beeketing paid apps only and brought their ROI to a higher level. Besides, the conversion rate was impressively increased by 190%, to roughly 4%. They also saw a 47% uplift in their AOV after 3 months. It was incredible, don’t you think so?

"I was very surprised that many merchants heard about Beeketing apps but have never tried them yet. They will lose nothing but have a good chance to get their sales off the ground, so what are they waiting for?"

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