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The main difficulty ekoWorx founders had to overcome in the beginning is their lack of experience in both Marketing and eCommerce industry. They are all scientists, working in the educational institutions, so it’s easy to comprehend that they just dedicated to the research and product development. Besides, finding a way to enhance their site’s average order value (AOV) was really challenging, especially with their range of low-priced products.Challenge

“I have to confess that we didn’t know much about Sales & Marketing, and totally had no idea of how to implement up-selling and cross-selling tactics for my store”
“Due to the low AOV, our revenue hadn’t seen any significant uplift for a long time. Customers, I guess, are always up to their ears in work all the time, so they don’t have much time to browse many product pages as well as purchasing more than what they planned initially”


Boost Sales: Increase AOV by leveraging upselling & cross-selling tactics

At the beginning of ekoWorx’s journey, they had to struggle a lot to understand more about Sales and Marketing in order to promote their products. Thanks to a Shopify expert’s suggestion on Youtube, they soon knew about Boost Sales app.

“I heard that Boost Sales app could help us solve our problem of improving the site’s average order value and decided to give it a try because it offers a 15-day free trial. However, being an “absolute beginner” in eCommerce industry, I could even hardly take advantage of upselling & cross-selling in the right way. I once told myself: “There was no way for me to increase sales with these complicated things. I’m gonna quit!” **laugh loudly**” said Patrick, ekoWorx co-founder.

After taking more time to study the app, Patrick found out the Beeketing guide to master upselling & cross-selling by accident. He then got his chance to create his first 2 upsell offers and then saw his first order on the 3rd trial day. SolutionJumped for joy, Patrick wanted to know how to gain more from the app, so he decided to reach out to our support team. Beeketing customer success agent dug deep into his case, coming to the realization that there were many rooms for his store to skyrocket its sales.

In the first place, our agent recommended that the co-founder should take a look back at his customers’ behaviors and their buying histories, finding out a number of products which could be bought at the same time, then creating some new offers based on these products.

For example, for the housewives who intended to buy a 10-litre bottle of cleaner worth $40, he could upsell and encourage them to buy a 20-litre container for $60 instead. This would allow them to score some good deals on the discount products, as well as saving a lot of time running their errands and shopping in the future. Another idea might be implemented is to sell a number of bundles consisting of his chemical cleaner and certain of its supplement items such as clothes, gloves, etc,. at a reasonable price. This would be more convenient for the site’s visitors, as well as increasing AOV of the store.Solution

Furthermore, it’s suggested that the number of offers he creates should be 4-6 offers. This is because based on Beeketing historical data from thousands of stores, 4-6 offers per store would bring back the higher conversion rates. After that, he could run many A/B tests to see what offers would work and have the best results in term of profit margins and conversion rates.

Taking our advice, Patrick, ekoWorx co-founder came up with a bunch of new ideas: He would have a crack at selling more types of complementary products such as atomisers, microfibre clothes, mop pads, grout brushes,etc., with his key products ekoWorx Universal Surface Cleaner. He thought “Who would wipe his mirror without a piece of sponge or cloth, right? So why not encourage visitors to buy more and make some extra money?”

Patrick immediately created various offers to test, and saw some significant results in conversion rates. Furthermore, he was also able to find out a winner offer with its conversion rate of 10%. The remaining work needed to be done is just to turn off the lower-conversion-rate offers and move on to other offer tests.


He decided to offer more types of new products and create more upselling and cross-selling bundles to experiment. The hooked message on his offer pop-ups has also helped to motivate customers to add more products to their carts. “Our customers were very impressed with the message “60% OFF ONLY TODAY” I crafted and couldn’t resist buying more and checking out instantly”. So now who is the “Marketing beginner” we knew at first? Patrick definitely nailed the trick!Solution

Patrick also applied the same tactic to obtain more successes when it came to cross-selling. An eye-catching bundle including Spray mop, mop pad and surface cleaner is set to pop up, encouraging customers to buy the whole set instead of the single item in order to score a good deal. This helped the store lift up their AOV immediately and generate more thousands of dollars in just first 3 months as well.Solution

SolutionOne of the most top-notch features of Boost Sales app is feature Quick View , which helps customers easily look into other products and add them to their cart even when they still stay in one product page. From then on, ekoWorx’s site visitors can browse more products in seconds without having to waste too much time searching on the site. What is more interesting is, thanks to this feature, Patrick has made extra more than $ 3k in their revenue.Solution

To activate Quick View feature, go to Dashboard > Settings > Quick View

We also suggested that Patrick might have a crack at feature “Smart Upsell & Cross-sell”, which leverages big data and machine learning technology to automatically pick appropriate products to recommend to his customers, so he wouldn’t have to lift a finger. However, because the store didn’t have many products (around 30 items), so he decided to give it a try in the future.


Finally, thanks to Boost Sales app ONLY, ekoWorx has made extra more than $336k and 11,011 orders, taking the store’s revenue to the next level. At the moment, the co-founder of ekoWorx is also trying another Beeketing app: Checkout Boost in order to improve the store’s checkout rate.Result

You see, it’s obvious that you can absolutely become a successful entrepreneur without having to be a master in the Sales and Marketing.


Founded in 2015, ekoWorx is a company that provides more than 20 eco-cleaning products developed by 3 scientists at University of New South Wales, Australia. Its mission is to employ the science of environment-friendly chemistry, helping to eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in the cleaning products.

ekoWorx’s products have become a must-have item in the kitchen and bathroom of hundreds of thousands of households all over the world, helping people abstain from other toxic substances, protecting their health and living environment.



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