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After analyzing their database of more than 10,000 orders, DOWNLITE realized a significant correlation between their 2 products: pillows and pillow protectors.

43.12% of customers who bought a pillow also bought a pillow protector on their website.


DOWNLITE immediately searched for an upsell solution and was recommended to use Boost Sales by Beeketing.

The app does exactly what they need.

DOWNLITE grouped pillows and pillow protectors together in an offer to encourage their customers to buy the whole set instead of just picking up a single item.

DOWNLITE is not only the one that gets benefit from this offer, but also their customers will receive tons of benefits as well:

Save time: Customers can buy the pillow protector in just 1 click – without having to browse DOWNLITE’s website many times.
Save money: Customers don’t need to buy it from another online store – and end up with double shipping fees from 2 different brands.

That’s how we called ‘killing two birds with one stone’ ;)upselloffer

So far so good...This offer leads to a significantly boost in sales of both items. 428 orders and $10k extra revenue generated in the last 3 months. Quite good, huh?upsellresult

Since many DOWNLITE’s products are complementary, they find many other ways to bundle up items and sell them in value combos.

For example, those interested in a cooling sheet bed will be offered a mattress pad with a discounted price. Other interesting combinations include: blankets + pillows, duvets + duvet covers, sheet beds + blankets, etc.

This time, they choose to display the offer in form of a widget under ‘Add-to-cart’ button to test conversion rates.cross-sell offer

Here’re some datas about their A/B test:

Views is 2.5 times higher than views of the pop up form
Add to cart rate is lower – only 2% with nearly 20.000 offer views
Total generated orders still remains – more than 400 orders was completed via the cross-sell widget.

This is totally understandable because the widget offer is placed under the Add-to-cart button. As a natural result – anyone who views this product can also view the offer, but not any viewers are their potential customers.

That leads to the decrease in add-to-cart rate. But the final result – long story short – as good as the popup marketing


It’s not worth mentioning if Boost Sales just ‘looks clean and professional’. We need to take a deeper look into its average results after 3 months:results

The average conversion rate of these upsell & cross-sell offers is around 5%.

Now, some people might ask: Is that little 5% good or bad?

That’s 5% means DOWNLITE got 500 checkout successes out of every 10,000 views per offer. Just 5 minutes of work for 500 extra checkout successes in 3 months.

Best. ROI. marketing


DOWNLITE is quite well-known in their niche for selling high-end bedding products for home and hotel.

For bed basics and beyond – you'll find whatever you're looking for at DOWNLITE. You can literally build your bed from the ground up if necessary, they have frames, pillows, mattresses, canopies and of course – sheets, duvets and blankets.


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