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Started the business in 2016, Charmaine - the founder of had to overcome many challenges on her own. The store today has acquired a reputation for their wide range of unique and organic products, with monthly sales over 200 orders.

The strategies to grow of are also unique too: they solely focus on social media, create many educational videos and helpful content for their customers. These tactics have helped the brand gain a lot of traffic and built reputation for their organic product ranges. However, Charmaine - the store owner, was not happy with her order value. She wanted every shopper visiting her store to buy more.


Checkout Boost: Increase order value with Sales Motivator

The store owner first knew about Checkout Boost app by Beeketing in November 2018 when she was watching an educational video related to eCommerce on Youtube. She was really into the idea of showing a progress bar in order to encourage the customers to buy more than planned, so she decided to install the app to test it by herself.

The store owner created a Just-take-it offer with a $50 threshold and showed it right on the cart page. Whenever customers add an item to their cart, they will see a progress bar showing letting them know how much he/she should spend more to get the discount.

Checkout Boost Sales Motivator

When he/she reach the goal, a pop-up will appear and encourage him to check out immediately to get 5% off discount.

Checkout Boost Sales Motivator

This offer has ended up bring back $5,6k in sales at a conversion rate of 22.64%. Needless to say, it is an effective way to motivate buyers to add more items into cart, and boost order value in return.


After a month, Just-take-it offer alone has brought Charmaine more than $5.6k in sales at an overall conversion rate of 12.78%. The founder has been really excited so she is working on many different offer types to get the most out of the app.

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Founded in 2016, has become so popular with its 100% organic products. Its niche market focuses on anyone who is dealing with hair loss and/or looking for natural skincare lines.


"Checkout Boost app has helped me a lot in increasing order value. I really like it. Thanks Beeketing!"

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