How B’Desir increased the checkout rate to 14.57% (3.5X market average) in under 30 days with Checkout Boost app

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According to a Yotpo report in 2018, the average conversion rate of health & beauty industry is only 3.8%, which probably continues to reduce as the markets get more saturated over time.

When asked about the biggest challenge for B’Desir entering the online business while selling in one of the most competitive and saturated industries, Raunak, the Director, mentioned that they struggled with the low checkout rate and thus have been investing enormous efforts in improving on-site customer experience to optimize conversion rates.

It is worth mentioning that as the brand had nearly 6 years of offline presence in India, sending traffic to the site seems not a big hassle. In fact, the increasingly high traffic would even stress out the team if they fail to boost up the checkout rate and lose the majority of site visitors.


With Beeketing apps, B’Desir applies two smart strategies to convert site visitors into completing orders, resulting in a great boost in checkout rate and number of orders during the Black Friday sales event.

Use Sales Pop to build social proof

When researching on Google to find strategies that can keep customers engage with the website, Raunak, the eCommerce Director, came across Sales Pop app.

The idea behind Sales Pop is simple yet very intuitive: by showing notifications of recent purchases on the site, it helps B’Desir leverage the power of social proof to ease the minds of worried customers.sales pop

The live sales notifications popping up at the site corner don’t interrupt the buying process, but instead have domino effect on customers who are contemplating on making an order. Many other women all over India are buying from B’Desir, so why not?Get Sales Pop app for free now

Use Checkout Boost to offer a time-limited incentive for instant checkout

To tackle the challenge of optimizing checkout rate, Raunak also searched different options on Google and found out about Checkout Boost app by Beeketing, with a lot of positive reviews from other store owners.

Impressed with a variety of features the app provides to help with checkout optimization, such as social sharing, discount offer, countdown timer, Raunak decided to try Checkout Boost and nailed it with a time-limited discount offer that works very well for his niche.

countdown timer offerTry Checkout Boost for free now


The Black Friday sales is all about crazy discount and flash purchases, the only time of the year that people rush from stores to stores and make super quick orders because “when it’s gone, it’s all gone”.

B’Desir nailed the sales craze by putting up an offer of up to 30% off any order if customers complete checkout within 15 minutes. Combined with live sales notifications generated by Sales Pop that create a sense of trust on the brand, the time-limited offer by Checkout Boost app gives people the necessary urge to take quick action before the offer expires. As a result, B’Desir achieved an extraordinarily high checkout rate of 14.57% and made extra revenue of 615K INR during the sales event.

At the moment, the brand still keeps the strategy, offering a smaller discount of 10% on all order if customers hit checkout within 10 minutes.


B’Desir company was founded in 2012, selling cosmetics products in traditional offline distribution.

Realizing the rising power of eCommerce, the brand decided to go online in 2018, starting with a Shopify website, and has seen great success, with 40,000 USD generated revenue in the very first month.

By growing their recognized brand online, B’Desir aims to extend their reach outside of India to South Africa by September 2019.



"Conversion, Conversion, Conversion. Three words that summarize the value Beeketing brought to our website. Sometimes users need a little nudge to make up their mind and Beeking gives them that natural inclination to proceed."

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