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When founder Mark could not find a store that sells his favorite anime action figures, he decided to open Anime Printed so that anyone who loves Naruto, One Piece, and Dragon Ball as he does, won’t have to look further. A few months after its launch, Anime Printed has been recognized as one of the best Shopify stores that specialize in selling anime merchandises, from the apparels, bedding to action figures. In other words, it is a beloved destination for anyone who is the fans of this Japanese culture.

Like other startup owners, Mark relied on lots of tutorials to run his e-commerce site. He then followed the instructions and installed a quite significant amount of suggested apps, but his site did not see any sales. Plus, many apps he installed weren’t even necessary for his business while keep adding up the running costs. His conversion rate was as low as 0.1%. That was when he stopped depending on those guides and started to find the right app for his own business. Then he found Beeketing.

I like how Beeketing made the apps out of the necessity” - Mark, founder of Anime Printed


With the goal of increasing the conversion to ultimately boost sales, he first paid attention to his customers’ behaviors, then jotted down the fact that his customers tend to navigate away from the site without completing the order while acknowledging that their buying decisions are highly dependent on the discounts. After figuring out the issue, he decided to install Checkout Boost, among other Beeketing’s apps, with the hope of increasing the conversion rate.

“I chose to commit with Checkout Boost app because, after just almost two months, it made my checkout success increased dramatically. It was amazing.” - Mark, founder of Anime Printed.

Anime Printed has experienced a significant increase in the store’s performance after installing Checkout Boost app. The app has helped Mark carry out his initial plan of boosting conversion rate, through its checkout stimulation offers.

just take it offer

This offer pops up whenever an item is added to cart. It opens the opportunity for order value because the higher the cart total, higher discounted percentage the customers can enjoy. Besides, adding a catchy tagline that helps to create the exclusivity for the customers, can result in more upgraded and personalized shopping experiences. Currently, this offer is generating a 6.98% conversion rate for Anime Printed.

countdown offer

Increase the checkout success through the urgency. This type of offer lets customers feel the urge when shopping in order to reduce the cart abandonment rate. Starting from October, about $2,400 in revenue has been brought by this offer so far.


Anime Printed is currently enjoying a total 4.71% conversion rate from Checkout Boost app alone. Mark said for him, offering his customers what they need is crucial in building and maintaining his business’ sustainable growth. In this case, his customers need the discounts to motivate them to buy, he offers them what they want, through the sales stimulation offers from Checkout Boost.


Founded just few months ago, Anime Printed has been recognized as one of the beloved destinations for all anime lovers, who want to buy quality anime merchandises.


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