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As home decor is a niche market, Sense of Art first made a smart move with their delicate wall art designs to impress their customers. However, it was difficult for visitors to choose one perfect fit for their needs even though they’d browsed all collections on Sense of Art's website.

Another aspect that needs considering is that wall arts can be used for years. Once people buy one, they won't be likely to change it frequently. The maths of motivating viewers to buy more products in one go was tough for Sense of Art, which lowers Sense of Art's monthly potential revenue and gradually discourages customers’ engagement.


The most intriguing designs with quotes, or the most viewed products are always Sense of Art's priorities to impress new visitors. Also, by giving customers a more selective range of splendid choices for their consideration, they believed that customers' experience and the average order value (AOV) would be improved.

For more than 6 months, Sense of Art had been looking for an optimal solution to resolve their problems. After a lot of trials and errors, they came to Beeketing’s Personalized Recommendations app. They didn't anticipate that they would love the app for sure! “This app was definitely what we needed! It could give personal recommendations at every step of customers' journey (when customers visit the homepage, view a product, check-out, etc) and help us to sell more products at every single visit of customers”.

“The app boosted our store's monthly revenue significantly. We got roughly $50,000 increase in our sales every month thanks to Personalized Recommendations app.

So what has Sense of Art done to leverage the Beeketing’s Personalized Recommendations and earn that astonishing sales?

Personalized Recommendations app suggests highly relevant products to customers at multiple touch points of the shopping process and in turn, creates a natural boost in conversions and also increases AOV by providing 4 useful features:
- Store best sellers
- Who bought this also bought
- Cart recommendations
- Recently viewed & featured recommendations

First, Recently viewed & featured recommendations helps customers have a quick look of the products that other customers have browsed. Actively learning from customers' activities on the store's page thanks to its smart algorithms, Personalized Recommendations app can immediately show visitors a precise browsing history on recently viewed & featured recommendations, which benefits them to come back and pick up the products that they might already be interested in anytime.
Especially, when viewers click on a product, a quick pop-up will appear and trigger customers to rapidly view and add the product to cart without their having to access the product page. Customers can also see the products in a full detail on the pop-up and make up their mind right away before continuing browsing the page. This process encourages customers to seamlessly pick more products and helps shop owners take out of the most chances to close the deal.

Who bought this also bought also performs effectively as a cross-selling tool. Born with big data and machine learning technology, this recommends customers the accompanied products that can go perfectly with the item they are choosing, based on other buyers' purchase histories. For example, if a customer is adding the “Bathroom Decor Wall Art: Be My Always Wall Art” onto his/her cart, he/she will see relevant products such as Bedroom Decor, Home Decor (for the living rooms) on Who bought this also bought widget. Listening to suggestions from others when it comes to art is never a bad idea!

Besides, automatically learning story histories and sales data, Personalized Recommendations app itself also generates products displayed on Cart recommendations Store best sellers widgets. With Cart Recommendations, the app collects data at the last purchasing step of customers whose carts have at least one similar product, then cross-sells the whole carts to each of these customers. Whereas, thanks to its advanced machine learning technology, Personalized Recommendations keeps abreast of the store's revenue and accordingly picks top 5 -7 best-selling products to feature on Store best sellers widget. So as a store owner, Sense of Art doesn't have to lift a finger to manually choose appropriate products that should be listed on these collections. Everything is already all set for a smooth experience from customers' first step of entering the page to their last step of finishing shopping by checking out the cart.


Sense of Art has already tried out different apps and decided to stay with Beeketing's Personalized Recommendations app for the long run. In just 5 months, with only Personalized Recommendations app, Sense of Art got approximately $280,000 in revenue with roughly 2,100 orders successfully made, thanks to the specific tips mentioned above. Their AOV has increased almost by double! Let's apply these tips and make this incredible growth your store's.

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Sense of Art was newly opened just 1 year ago in 2017, specialized in home decor and wall arts.

Using artistic designs, inspiring quotes and a various range of unique products, Sense of Art has successfully impressed viewers and become their top-of-mind choice when it comes to wall arts for home decoration.


"Top notch! Easy to use and its an amazing way to up sell and cross-sell your products in your store”

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