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Owning a number of engaging social pages (500k-follower Instagram page, 40k-like Facebook page, 12k-follower Twitter account), needless to say, getting traffic for store is a breeze for SO AESTHETIC. Justin Wong, SO AESTHETIC founder, told us that the site has welcomed 17,000+ visitors on a daily basis without spending a dime on advertisement. On the contrary, the store’s revenue at that time did not satisfy its owner yet.

“We received a lot of traffic to the store, but not many shoppers decided to make their purchases. At first, I guessed the problem might be our lack of product diversification, so I tried to add more new items and update the trends more regularly. But finally, there was nothing out of ordinary.” - said Justin Wong

While digging deep into the store’s problem on his own, the founder came to the realisation that his overall checkout rate was not good enough, only around 1.5-2%. The reason for this could be that his customers hadn’t enough motivation yet to complete their orders immediately.


Checkout Boost: Leverage social traffic & improve checkout rate

After doing lots of research to find out a solution of improving the checkout rate, Justin read an article about Checkout Boost app, which has been proven to successfully enhance the checkout rate for thousands of online stores.

Knowing that Checkout Boost offers 15-day free trial and users can cancel any time without additional charges, the founder decided to jump at that chance: “I heard that this app can bring back a checkout rate of up to 15%, but 3-4% is ideal enough for us, because this rate helps us almost double our monthly sales.”

In order to achieve his goal, Justin continued to dive into Checkout Boost definitive guide in order to see what he should do to take the most out of the app. First of all, the founder comprehended that one of the best ways to encourage visitors to complete their orders is to give them some incentives, such as free shipping, free gifts, discounts, etc.

Then he tried creating a Just-take-it offer with Checkout Boost displayed right on the cart page, offering his customers 10% discount to motivate them to check out immediately.

increase checkout rate

Besides, Checkout Boost‘s smart rules allow him to show this deal to only those who have just reached the milestone of having $45+ in their cart, helping to increase the store’s average order value in a very natural and consistent way.

increase checkout rateincrease checkout rate

Next, in order to fight back two third of online shoppers who always add items to the cart and leave the site without paying, Justin activated a smart feature of Checkout Boost: Countdown Timer. Born with advanced exit-intent technology, this feature detects mouse's navigation on the browser, knowing when SO AESTHETIC customers are about to leave the store, then shows a last-minute checkout-boost offer to encourage them to stay longer and finish their cart with an extra discount coupon.

increase checkout rate

SO AESTHETIC founder really did master this trick: he set this Countdown Timer pop-up to show to only about-to-leave visitors who have already had $45+ altogether in their cart, which either prevents giving too much promotion and harming the profit margin, or significantly increase the store’s average order value.

Apart from Countdown Timer pop-up, another function of Checkout Boost app Justin has taken advantage of the most is “Sales Motivator”. It allows the store to bring their customer motivation to a higher level, displaying a progress bar at the top right corner of the store to let shoppers know how they can receive a store’s 10% discount or free shipping. It goes without saying that it makes SO AESTHETIC site visitors feel more excited and can’t resist putting more items into their carts.

increase checkout rate

By applying only these tactics above, SO AESTHETIC succeeded in getting their checkout rate of 7% and saw a 37% uplift in their item value per order in the very first month, what Justin had never dreamt of before. The founder confessed: “I jumped for joy when seeing our results after a month. You know, it’s kind of too good to be true for us”increase checkout rate

Last but not least, the founder also makes a success in leveraging the app to not only bring back more social traffic & referrals, but also increase the customer retention rate (make people buy again). He chooses to create a Share-to-get offer, giving an opportunity for already-purchased customers to receive 12% discount on their next orders if they share their cart on Facebook or Twitter.

increase checkout rate

The results? 21.6% of people who have already bought from the store decided to share their cart to get the discount. Needless to say, this is an incredibly efficient way to both make the store’s products viral and boost their sales, especially when the store has already had a number of the huge fan on the social networking platforms.


Finally, thanks to Checkout Boost ONLY, SO AESTHETIC has successfully reached their dream checkout rate of 7% and made extra $300k in revenue with 6,560 orders, much higher than the results Justin expected at the beginning.

increase checkout rate


Founded by Justin Wong, SO AESTHETIC is now one of the biggest clothes and accessories online stores, with millions of dollars in revenue each year.

SO AESTHETIC has provided hundreds of thousands of favorite outfits, mostly for youngsters in more than 50 countries across the world. The store’s greatest advantages are to constantly update the latest global fashion trend and provide the items at a reasonable price as well.


"I wish I could know about Checkout Boost sooner to take the pain out of improving the checkout rate for my store. It triples our checkout rate after a few months of usage. Plus, Beeketing customer support team has been really responsive"

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