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Calbot - Currency Converter to sell internationally

Convert pricing in personalized local currency

When customers visit your store, the app automatically detects their location based on IP address and converts your pricing into their local currency. Your customers are freed from the worry of paying in a foreign currency and feel more confident to buy from you.

Display local pricing transparently with real-time exchange rates

Retrieving real-time exchange rate data from verified partners, Calbot - Currency Converter updates your pricing in local currencies to protect both you and your customers from imprecise or outdated exchange rates.

Create multiple custom rounding rules

Calbot - Currency Converter lets you create your own rounding rules for more readable and accurate pricing display on your storefront.

Make Calbot - Currency Converter a built-in feature of your store

With multiple options to customize position, color, text color, etc., you can design how the app displays on your store as a built-in element. Ready to launch your store in global markets? Get Calbot - Currency Converter app for free now.


Better user experience

We've optimized UI/UX on both front-end and back-end of the app to make Calbot - Currency Converter the most hassle-free app for you.

Easy to use and manage

Requiring no coding skills, Calbot - Currency Converter saves your time with 1-click integration and simple setup that takes less than 2 minutes.

Reliable and risk-free

Partnering up with verified providers, we convert your pricing using real-time updated exchange rates.

It's Free

100%! No hidden fees or future charges. You will have unlimited access to all features we build for you.

Trusted by more than 12,000 online businesses all over the world

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