Create urgency & scarcity
to increase conversions for your online stores.

Countdown timer, social proof and stock countdown - All-in-1 FREE app.

Countdown Cart

Countdown Cart

Price: FREE

Available on Shopify

Highlighted Features

  • Countdown timer to create urgency for your deals. Drive customers' actions and urge them to buy before time runs out.

  • Stock countdown to display the limited availability of your products. Create scarcity, increase the perceived value of your products and make your customers buy faster.

  • Social proof to let customers know how many people are viewing your product and how many items were sold, thus strengthen their buying confidence. Build trust and increase sales.


Create urgency and scarcity in every possible ways with Countdown Cart - the lastest Beeketing FREE app. Customers tend to delay buying. Why should they make a decision quickly if they don’t have to? Countdown Cart helps to persuade customers that the time to buy is NOW before it’s too late by creating a strong sense of urgency and scarcity on your online store. Countdown Cart is FREE, "multi-featured" and ridiculously easy to use. Install the app with 1 click now and enjoy the awesome benefits it brings to you.

why use
Countdown Cart?

100% FREE & Boost up conversions

Lightweight, 1-click installation

Suitable for business of all scales

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What customers say about
"Countdown Cart"?*

CEO Attitude

I've just downloaded it and can already tell it's going to be a game changer for my store! 5 stars.

BTE Big store

Good app, I've been looking for it for a long time and I've finally found it.

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