See why 4,000+ store owners are using Commerce Analytics to
optimize stores for more conversions.

See why 4,000+ store owners are using Commerce Analytics to
optimize stores for more conversions.

Heatmaps - Instantly Know What Matters

Commerce Analytics helps you to understand your customers at their own best by providing a super-detailed heat-maps of their clicks, tabs and scroll behaviors. No more guessing what customers want or need, or how they interact with your store, heatmaps got you covered.

Thanks to heatmaps, you can identify and remove any distractions on sites that might hurt your conversions, or showcase your trendy products in the hot areas to boost sales.

User Recordings - Understand Every Shopper's Behaviors

Commerce Analytics will automatically record every visitor to your store in a video format, showing how they click, tap, move their cursor and navigate across multiple pages.

By watching these recordings, you can immediately know the exact journey of every visitor through your site, how long they stay and where they get stuck, and then use these data to improve your store performance.

Product Insights - Automatically Get Insights Into Every Single Product

After being installed on your store, Commerce Analytics automatically records all activities of visitors on every product page.

Thanks to this, you will be able to dig deep into your product potential by knowing exactly what makes some products sell like hot cakes, but many others do not, then come up with some ideas to optimize the bad ones for more conversions.

Gain Broader Customer Insight

Commerce Analytics tracks visitors’ activities on all types of devices they’re using such as desktop, mobile and tablet to bring you the whole picture of customer behavior.


Extremely easy-to-use

Within a few clicks, Commerce Analytics is ready to work and bring you helpful insights into your customers and stores. No coding skills required.

Real-time and accurate data

To help you easily track and optimize stores for more conversions, we provide real-time yet detailed reports. Everything is straightforward, precise and easy to follow so you can take quick actions.

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