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Boost your store’s checkout rate and gain new consumers every purchase

When your customer checks out, a beautifully-designed popup window will open the chance for them to receive a gift or a coupon code if they share their carts on social networks.

Let’s say you are selling iPhone cases, it’s perfect to offer a screen protection for free if customers share a product on their Facebook. It will not only motivate them to finish purchase to catch your offer, but it will help a lot in introducing new customers to your store without spending any fee on Marketing or Facebook Ads.

Prevent cart abandonment and boost checkout rate with Exit Popup

Do you know 68% of online shoppers abandon their carts right on the cart page? Let's decrease this rate for your own store, by changing customer's intention of leaving your site without completing their order by Checkout Boost's powerful exit intent popup.

By tracking each visitor's mouse movements to detect the moment they're about to abandon your store, Checkout Boost helps you show exit intent popups right before they leave to offer an enticing coupon and convert them into sales.

Maximize profit & Save cost with the right trigger options

Trigger to show checkout-boost popups on orders that meet your requirements: all orders, orders in a price range, orders have specifics products or collections, etc

Super easy to install and customize your offer

• Create as many gifts, discounts as you want

• Set free gift, free shipping or discount for some products only, for a collection or for all products

• Want to send offer to customers right away without asking for social network sharing? Yes, you can always do that!

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Popular offer types

You can offer your customers a discount, a free gift, or a free-shipping code to motivate them share products on social networks and complete checkout, which eventually lifts up your conversion and brings your store organic traffic.

Beautifully responsive on mobile

45% shoppers are shopping on their mobile phones & tablets. We make sure you'll lose no potential sales by displaying your offers nicely on both desktop and all mobile devices.

Pre-desgined & customizable themes

You can freely customize your popups by adding images to match your store's design.

Moreover, holiday season is always the best time of the year to boost online sales. We designed a Holiday Themes Collection to help you decorate your storefront, making your offers event more attractive to customers and increasing conversion rate on these special sales crazes each year.

Detailed performance report

To help you track what types of offer work best and optimize them for better performance, we provide detailed report on every offer. Nothing complicated, we make your report very straight-forward so you can take quick action.

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