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Run BOGO deals

The Delia knows their customers love the Buy-1-Get-1 deal so much that it creates such a tempting offer at checkout.

Make your free gifts a rare thing

Wallabrace creates scarcity to make its free bracelets a treasure to be hunted.

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Free Shipping is not a free thing. Ya have to earn it!

Can't offer free-shipping sitewide but ya know how important it is? Twist-y-si challenges customers to spend more to get its free shipping deal.

Wanna get found on social media?

Lezat asked customers to include the branded hashtags in shared posts to catch the rewards.

Make your offer tik tok tik tok

Don't let your offers stay there like forever. Make them a one-time opportunity: when it's gone, it's gone forever.

Catch and feed the leaving birds

Abandoned carts suck, especially when they happen right before checkout. Markaban surprised exiting customers with a generous offer they can't resist.

Conversion, Conversion, Conversion. Three words summarize the value that Beeketing brought to our website. Sometimes users need a little nudge to make up their mind and Beeketing gives them that natural inclination to proceed.

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