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Targeted Up-sell

Up-sell empowers you to suggest customers higher-end alternatives or relevant products so you can easily increase average order value from all orders.

When visitors add an item to cart, a popup will appear to up-sell them a list of better options that they might be intersted in.

If enabled by you, Boost Sales will use big data to automatically pick appropriate products to recommend based on customer's shopping behavior, and increase sales for you.


bundle selling to increase order value

Cross-sell helps you to bundle up products that go well together into an irresistiblem combo for your customers.

When customers view any product in the bundle, a corner popup will appear with special effect to catch their attention and suggest the whole pack.

You can also offer discount coupons to promote your valued deals even better, and significantly boost sales from any existing customer.

last step up-sell

sell more at checkout

Do you know that up-sell at cart page is reported to reach 5-10% conversion on average?

When customers click “Check Out” button in cart page, one last up-sell offer will show up to suggest them more items they might want to add before check out.

These products are well-chosen based on their shopping behaviors and your sales history, which makes customers more likely to purchase.

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Create value deals with discount

Online shoppers love discount deals like sweet candies! Thus, Boost Sales helps you sell more to each customer by creating discounted products to bundle in up-sell & cross-sell offers, making them enticing deals your customers cannot resist.

Beautifully responsive on all devices

45% of customers are shopping on their mobile phones & tablets. We've optimized UI and UX of Boost Sales on both desktop and mobile devices to make sure your customers have the best shopping experience.

Pre-desgined holiday themes

Holiday season is always the best time of the year to boost online sales. Therefore, a Holiday Themes Collection was carefully designed to help you decorate your storefront, make your up-sell and cross-sell offers highly converted on the special sales craze each year.

Detailed performance report

To help you track what types of offer work best and optimize them for better performance, we provide a detailed report on every single offer. Everything is straight-forward, precise and easy to follow so you can take quick actions.

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