Hate it or love it, popup is a powerful weapon to convert visitors into email subscribers (and more)

Chances are that you’re looking for the right WordPress Popup plugin for your WordPress website.

But wait a bit…

Before we talk into that, let’s look at these 3 little sweet numbers:

  • 65% the mailing list of Joe Pulizzi from The Content Marketing Institute comes from coupon popups on his website.
  • According to an Aweber’s test, popups can collect 1,375% more email subscriptions than sidebar forms.
  • Practicalecommerce.com’s report on 5 Ecommerce Site Design Trends In 2016 said 35% of top 1000 eCommerce websites in the world are using well-designed popups to collect email signups.

Apparently, hate it or love it, popup plugin is powerful in collecting user information (not only emails, but also social likes, poll answers…) for site owners. Even more than that, smart website owners make use of popups for multiple purposes: preventing site abandonment with exit intent technology, boosting checkout rate by offering special discount coupon codes, and up-selling & cross-selling products to increase order value.

Looking from the UI/UX viewpoint, compared to static sidebar forms and header/footer banners, pop-up forms are better at catching visitors’ attention and pushing them to take desired actions. Plus, while the other static forms take up space in website and cannot be removed, popups can manually be minimized or turned off by users, or automatically disappear when actions are completed.

Now you know the tool! How to make it work nicely with the right popup plugin?

Among thousands of websites using popups for marketing and promotion purposes, some are successful and some are not. Here’s how you can be among those who succeed, by taking care of your WordPress website’s popups the easiest ways with the right wp popup plugin.

#1 Give visitors a reward to opt in your emailing list

Most people do not like promotional spam emails, which they most likely get by opting in email lists online. Give them a little push as an incentive to make them feel it’s worth subscribing to your newsletters. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Discount coupon codes
  • Free shipping codes
  • Free gifts going together with their order
  • Free e-books or manuals that bring true values to your customers
  • Or just give them a guarantee that you will not send spam emails, only valuable news or offers to benefit your customers

#2 Show them alternative options if they don’t want to opt in

Probably, only 40% of online users would actually subscribe emails when the popups appear (even with rewards!). Of the other 60%, mostly they hate promotional emails and prefer connecting via other channels. Give your visitors other options to connect with you via social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest. Limiting options for customers to get in touch with you means limiting your own chances to get their contacts and turn them into paying customers later on.

wp popup plugin for woocommerce

(Choose the right wp popup plugin that allows embedding social likes into the coupon popup)

#3 Power up popups on special sales seasons / promotion campaigns with impressive themes

We all know how much website design matters in affecting visitors’ feelings, decisions and converting them to the last step in the conversion funnel. Instead of running boring plain popups that are mostly turned off without being looked at, you can impress your visitors by changing popup theme regularly, especially on holiday sales seasons or special campaigns (new collections launch, website’s birthday…).

coupon popup by the best wp popup plugin

This awesome popup from a real eCommerce website is powered by Better Coupon Box plugin for WordPress. Instead of hiring a designer and a coder to code this, you can simply upload pictures into your popup (and change it freely as you want)

#4 Show it on exit to save as many emails as you can!

68% of online customers abandon the site before completing their order. You can still convert some more users into email subscribers or social followers anywhere in your site where they are about to drop and leave the site. Use exit intent popups (which only show up if users are detected to be exiting the site) to catch your leaving customers’ attention, encourage them to stay and have some exclusive gifts from you.

It’s your turn to build the best popups on your WordPress site now

You’ve just got all the simple tips to build the most awesome pop-ups to grow massive email list and social fan base for your website. A large number of your fellows on the Internet haven’t got pop-ups on their site. And even those who got, they’re just implementing plain popups without optimization. So this is your chance to stand out from the Internet crowd and tap into the huge potentials of big sales with popups. Better Coupon Box for WordPress is the right wp popup plugin which allows you to do all the mentioned tips automatically in a few clicks. You’ll immediately know why 150K websites worldwide are loving this plugin when you experience it.