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What a page builder is, needs no introduction. As an online store owner, you would agree that a page builder will save you a ton of time when it comes to building a website. If you are good at something, it does not mean that you like doing the same thing over and over again. You might want to have a solution that will help you reduce the development time without having to lose the quality of your work.

Having that in mind, Themeum has developed their WP Page Builder which is very rich in development features. That means even a novice developer or someone who does not have any coding skills, would be able to design a technically and aesthetically sound web page without worrying about anything. What’s surprising is, the product is FREE!

Let’s have a glimpse of what you can do with WP Page Builder:

  • Fast website development
  • Drag & drop page building
  • No coding required
  • Perfect for all level of users
  • Responsive and mobile ready pages
  • Lots of pre-designed templates
  • WordPress widget support
  • Parallax effect
  • Library to store custom blocks and addons
  • Visually resizable column and row padding
  • Multilingual ready
  • One-click duplicate system
  • Enable/disable rows, columns or addons
  • Control gutter (column horizontal spacing)
  • Export and import pages

Compatible with your themes


You can use WP Page Builder on any WordPress theme. It can customize any page of your WordPress site including the contents of a post. So if you come across a theme that you need to customize, you can do that and make it look the way you want it to. Even if the default template does not allow you to put contents on your desired positions, you can change the page template to “PageBuilder Template” then you are good to perform any customization you want.

Drag & drop, real-time frontend site building


WP Page Builder is a front-end developing tool which means, it offers real-time frontend editing experience. This gives you the complete control over your website’s design. You get to design your web pages in a way that you can add or adjust any element that seems necessary. You can change the visuals of the web pages as soon as anything on the design goes south. On top of all these, the drag and drop feature makes it very easy for the non-technical site developers to create a web page from the scratch.

Library to save your designs

library page builder

There will be a time when you would want to use a design that you had created previously putting a lot of time and thoughts. The library functionality lets you save your design which can be used later. This will save you a ton of time and will keep you from doing the same task repeatedly. You can save unlimited sections in the library and use them as many time as you want.

Predesigned blocks


The predesigned ready to use blocks of WP Page Builder do a great job to minimize your work. Just by taking advantage of the simple drag and drop feature, you can use these blocks on anywhere of your web page. These blocks are very rich in contents and offer a great design. So, you don’t need to put a lot of thinking to come up with the design that fits your site.

Readymade preloaded templates


WP Page Builder comes with a variety of readymade layouts. The layout packs provide ready to use pages that require almost no touch. The packs come with one or more pages, which also makes it possible to use just one page from a layout pack. In case, you want to make any changes to the outlook or to the contents, you’ll find it very easy to do so.

28+ addons


The addon library of WP Page Builder currently provides 28 addons while a few other are in the works. Every addon was designed to perform a specific set of tasks and they execute those tasks with perfection. Actually, these addons are the key element of WP Page Builder. If you know how to use them, you don’t need to use any pre designed blocks or templates.

Export, import, reuse

WP Page Builder lets you save the current state of your work. This will enable you to resume where you left off and you can even save a nicely designed row to reuse it later. The library has no limit so you can save as many rows (set of addons) as you want. The Export functionality lets you export any page and using the import functionality you can reuse that same page multiple times.

No matter what type of website you want to develop or what skill sets you have, WP Page Builder is a must have tool for you. You can create your desired website with WP Page Builder in the least possible time. So why wait, become the designer & developer of your site and complete your projects the way you want to. You have got nothing to lose, the WP Page Builder is Free.

FREE Download WP Page Builder

We feel honoured to have these insights featured in our blog, and we are incredibly thankful for the knowledge the Themeum expert that has shared with us.