Among the best strategies that brought Amazon to the top of the eCommerce game as of today, upselling and cross-selling have accounted for at least 35% of their total revenue since 2006, and product recommendations take up 70% of the Home page. If you’re not optimizing these selling tactics on your WooCommerce site, you’re leaving a great amount of money on the table.

WooCommerce related products, upsell and cross-sells are originally built in the WooCommerce plugin in form of static recommendation block under the product image.

In this article, we will give our opinion on how WooCommerce related products feature could be improved for even better conversion, and how you can add a few tweaks to your site to increase more online sales with upselling & cross-selling (like one of these 3 examples of best WooCommerce stores).

What should be added to woocommerce related products feature for higher conversion?

WooCommerce groups upsells, cross-sells, and products having the same tags or categories as 3 types of its Related Products design:

  • Up-sells are products that you recommend instead of the currently viewed product.
  • Cross-sells are products that you promote in the cart, based on the current product.
  • Related Products is a section on some templates that pulls products from your store that share the same tags or categories as the current product.

They similarly display on the site as a product slider section on the bottom of the page, differentiated by the section title. Please note that you can manually define upsell and cross-sell items, but the related products are automatically sorted.

But, consider if a few tweaks below are added….

  • Upsells and cross-sells are offered in popup form instead of static form: they will be more interactive and motivating to talk customers into spontaneous buying
  • Offer discount if customers purchase upsell & cross-sell items: customers will be willing to spend more if they can buy regular items at discount price
  • The ability to cross-sell in value combo by bundling products into package/kit that are sold at a total discount.
  • Segmentize related products into different types of personalized recommendation: best seller, recently viewed, featured products, recommendations based on cart, etc.

…how your upsell, cross-sell, and product recommendations can be improved?

How to add these tweaks to optimize upselling & cross-selling to your WooCommerce store?


WooCommerce UpsellsWooCommerce Upsells vs. Boost Sales | Upsell Popups

To make upsells more interactive with customers, you can set up the offer in popup form instead of static product section to attract more attention, using Boost Sales tool in Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin.

The offer will pop up right after customers add the base item to cart, introducing more options that can either be bought with or alternate the previous choice. Offer a discount if customers buy the upsell items to motivate spontaneous purchasing.


WooCommerce Cross-sellsWooCommerce Cross-sells vs. Boost Sales | Cross-sell Popups

Similar to upsells, cross-sells can also be presented in popup form to drive attraction. Different from WooCommerce cross-sell which only displays in cart page, Cross-sell by Boost Sales tool resembles a combo bundle that suggests itself right when customers are interested in an item. Combined with a progress bar, the offer motivates customers to buy the whole package in order to receive a discount on total bill.

Instead of waiting until cart page to sell more, you increase the order value per customer right on the product page and can continue to sell more when they hit cart page (see how below).

Personalized Recommendation:

While WooCommerce Related Products is one product section on product pages that pull out items having the same tags or categories, personalized recommendation strategy, as executed by Amazon, is much more than that.

Personalized Recommendation is an excellent tool to create different types of product recommendations for eCommerce websites. Besides suggesting products that other customers usually bought with the base item,

WooCommerce related productsWooCommerce Related Products vs. Personalized Recommendation

you can also recommend best sellers, recently viewed products, or featured recommendations,

personalized product recommnedations

or introduce products customers might be interested in based on their cart items.

recommendation based on cart

Boost Sales | Upsell & Cross-sell Popups and Personalized Recommendation are both powered in Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin.

Step 1: Download and Install Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin on your WooCommerce online store

Step 2: Register for an account and connect the service with your website (just follow the onboarding process and you should be good without hassle)

Step 3: Activate Boost Sales and Personalized Recommendation apps

Step 4: Set up Upsell & Cross-sell offers with Boost Sales app

Follow this detailed tutorial video on Youtube if you’re like the video type, or follow the tooltip instruction within the app.

Step 5: Setup recommendation widgets with Personalized Recommendation

Once activated, it normally takes 3-10 mins to sync products and historical sales data from your shop into the app for analysis. After that, just turn on the widget on any pages you want, and customize the look of the widgets so they match your store’s design.

Chance is here, Choice is yours

Copying the Amazon’s secrets doesn’t guarantee you the same success. Yet, do the best you can to monetize the strategies if that’s what it takes. Beeketing for WooCommerce plugin is an essential for any WooCommerce online store which is looking for ways to boost average order value and total revenue. It’s your chance to maximize the potential of upselling & cross-selling, personalized product recommendations, email marketing and leads generation. Yet, it’s up to you to make the move and win your market.


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