Earlier this year, we put our entire team to work on a new project called The Success Delivery. The purpose of this project is to deliver success and happiness to all WooCommerce sellers worldwide – by building plugins that are 100% FREE.

WooCommerce Quick View

Yes, it’s real. That’s why today we’re excited to announce…

The first product in The Success Delivery project: WooCommerce Quick View by Beeketing.

This plugin does exactly what it’s called: display product quick views to improve the overall UX and increase conversion rate for your online store.

And…of course – it’s totally free for all WooCommerce users.

The best WooCommerce Quick View plugin

The quick view feature is essential for eCommerce stores of all shapes and sizes. A recent study by Baymard Institute found that 48% of the top 50 US e-commerce sites have implemented quick views on their site.

Although it won’t guarantee a boost in sales, it will surely enhance the user experience and save their time and effort when shopping on an online store.

WooCommerce Quick View enables online shoppers to view product details – on a homepage or category page – without having to reload the whole site. The product details are displayed in form of a popup window that will show up on the page where the shopper is now on.

Quick View by beeketing

Here’s what you get in our WooCommerce Quick View plugin:

We built this plugin with extensive options for configuring the pop-up window. Once enabled by you, the quick view will show all the product details so customers can pick the right item at ease without having to browse many pages:

  • Full product description
  • Size options and color swatches
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Additional information
  • etc.

Quick view by Beeketing

This plugin has been uniquely outlined for WooCommerce users because of its lightweight, responsive and professional design. Especially, it works with all standard WordPress themes available in the marketplace.

The best part is, while most quick view plugins in the market require a premium account to get access to all features, WooCommerce Quick View by Beeketing is completely FREE – as previously said. It means no subscription fee, no upgrade, no hidden cost required. All features are accessible to all users…for life.

To use WooCommerce Quick View, simply download and install our plugin in the WordPress Directory then you can implement it the way you want to maximize the CVR of your online store.


P.S: What’s the next free plugin that you want us to build? Comment below to let us know. Thanks a ton!

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