While finding the right product idea is already hard, displaying products on a WooCommerce site is even harder for a WordPress beginner.

When I started creating my first dropshipping store, I thought it would be a no-brainer to place my products on the website. Just drag-and-drop and something else. But it turned out to be a real uphill struggle for me at that time.

It took me the whole month to learn all the things about WordPress, WooCommerce, plugins, shortcodes, and more.

If you’re anything like me, you got lucky. Because I’m going to show you detailed reviews of 11 best WooCommerce plugins that I find them most helpful in displaying and navigating products. And above all, they’re easy to use and don’t require much knowledge of coding to implement.

These plugins will help you:

  • Display products in your Homepage, Category Page, and Product page
  • Filter products by categories, attributes, products tags, and prices
  • Generate product feeds for all your marketing channels
  • Improve overall user experience, make the website easy to navigate, and more.

The best WooCommerce product plugins

    1. Product Catalog
    2. Beeketing for WooCommerce
    3. ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin
    4. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce
    5. WooCommerce Customizer
    6. WooCommerce Product Filter
    7. WooCommerce Products Slider
    8. WooCommerce Product Feed Pro
    9. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce
    10. Advanced Woo Search
    11. Product Import Export for WooCommerce
    12. WooCommerce Extra Product Options

Let’s begin.

*New update Dec 2020: If you’re about to create a POD or dropshipping website of your own, now there is a better WooCommerce alternative for you to pick. Beeketing is great to introduce ShopBase – a new ecommerce platform specializing in dropshipping and print on demand business that has just launched this June, 2019. This ultimate platform has already fueled more than 2,000 online stores around the world since then.

1. Product Catalog

Woocommerce product catalog

Active installations: 10,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.5 Stars (100+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: Etoile Web Design

The first top-rated plugin is Product Catalog by Etoile Web Design.

Product Catalog is widely popular for its minimalistic product catalog design and its multiple SEO-friendly options. In terms of style, minimalism is the hottest trend in the web design field today. This plugin is built to help display your products in a simple but sleek and easy to customize product catalog format.


  • 3 default and fully customizable product catalog layouts
  • Set sale prices for products, easily toggle sale prices on and off for the entire catalog or individual products
  • Widgets to display new products, featured products on Homepage
  • Import products directly from a spreadsheet to your product catalog with the click of a few buttons

Best Additions: SEO product pages, custom permalink, drag and drop layout creation, product reviews section, and custom product tagging.

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2. Beeketing for WooCommerce

beeketing for woocommerce

Active installations: 5,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.8 Stars (320+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: Beeketing

Beeketing is a multi-feature plugin that helps add tweaks to your website to customize product pages, make them look better and conversion rate is much higher.


You’ll find at least 3 different ways to display recommended products for your customers:

  • In a popup form: each time shoppers add an item to cart, a popup that suggests some related products or higher-end items will show up to encourage shoppers spend more than they planned.

Woocommerce product plugins - upsell

  • In a widget: group related products in a bundle so shoppers can purchase the whole set without browsing your WooCommerce store many times.

Woocommerce product plugins - crosssell

  • In a product slider: show Store Best Sellers / Featured products / Related items / … in a beautiful slider above page footer.

Woocommerce product plugins - personalized recommendation

There are a number of different tools and features in Beeketing that I cannot list all here because a comprehensive review of all of them is beyond the scope of this article. Instead, you can visit the plugin page here for more detailed features.

Best Additions: It does everything automatically, taking a lot of work off your plate. You don’t need to learn about coding or spend money to hire a developer to code this directly into your store. Beeketing has got you covered.

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3. ELEX WooCommerce Request a Quote Plugin

This robust Request a Quote plugin provides a common shopping platform for the customers, retailers, or wholesalers with an ‘Add to Cart’ as well as a ‘Request a Quote’ option. Customers can easily choose the products and quantities and enter their details in a form to request the quote.

Provided features:

  • Add the ‘Request a Quote’ button on both product pages and shop page.
  • Manages both ‘Request a Quote’ and ‘Add to Cart’ at the same time.
  • Customizable form to allow customers to request a quote.
  • Approve and reject the request for orders from the customers.
  • Sends notifications to admin through email, Google Chat, and SMS once a quote request is placed.
  • Triggers notifications to customers during the process of orders.


  • Set up special pricing and offers through its compatibility with dynamic pricing and role-based pricing plugins.

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4. WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for WooCommerce

WISDM’s Custom Specific Pricing plugin is a perfect dynamic pricing plugin that allows you to boost your online revenues by providing the required edge over your competitors.

The plugin allows you to set up different personalized prices for user roles, groups, and customers in order to boost loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

You can also entice buyers to purchase more with cart discounts, quantity discounts, multiple pricing tiers, and product category discounts leading to an increase in bulk purchases and sales of trending products.

The Customer Specific Pricing plugin is perfect if you want to bridge the gap between you and your customers and increase the sales of your WooCommerce store.

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5. WooCommerce Customizer

woocommerce customizer

Active installations: 40,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.5 Stars (24+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: SkyVerge

You know WooCommerce includes tons of options to let you customize button text, labels, tags and more, but you have to write PHP code to use them. This plugin provides a settings page where you can adjust your customizations and save them without needing to write a single line of codes. This is very helpful and convenient for beginners or someone who wants to do quick A/B tests.

Here are some customizations you can make within the plugin:

  • Add-to-cart button text for different product types
  • Sales badge text for homepage or product pages
  • Arrange the number of products displayed per page
  • Heading text for the “Product Description” and “Additional Information” tab.
  • Checkout page coupon / login text
  • Checkout page “Create Account” checkbox default
  • Checkout page “Submit Order” button text
  • Tax Label text
  • Placeholder image source

To make all these changes, you just need to go to WooCommerce > Settings and view the “Customizer” tab.

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6. WooCommerce Product Filter (WOOF)

WooCommerce product plugins - woof

Active installations: 60,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.5 Stars (85+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: realmag777

This plugin is a really flexible tool to set up product filter options on your WooCommerce store.

Once you install WOOF, your shoppers can immediately filter products on your store based on categories, sub categories, tags, colors and prices, etc. You can freely customize the filters according to your needs by using WOOF extension API. However, it requires advanced coding skills to do such high-level customizations. If you’re not a PHP developer, don’t worry because its default options are quite enough for basic customization needs.


  • Plugin creator provides products shortcode so you can paste it on any page: [woof_products per_page=8 columns=3 is_ajax=1 taxonomies=product_cat:9]
  • WooCommerce product searching by AJAX
  • Dynamic products recount
  • You can show taxonomies/ attributes in the search form as: radio, checkbox, drop-down, multi-drop-down, radio buttons in drop-down.
  • Different skins for radio and checkboxes in the plugin settings

They have a demo site which includes all features here so you can give it a try.

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7. WooCommerce Product Slider

product slider

Active installations: 20,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.5 Stars (55+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: pickplugins

This is a free plugin that enables you to place an unlimited number of sliders anywhere on your site.

You can customize the size of the slider and use one of the 3 available positions for navigation. There are options to customize the slider background color and to hide products that are out of stock. However, it does not provide the option to hack-picked products that you want to promote like the Beeketing plugin does.


  • Create unlimited number of sliders anywhere on your site
  • Custom number of slider for desktop & mobile devices
  • 3 slider positions to choose, 3 pre-built themes
  • Auto-play slider
  • Slider stop when hover
  • Custom speed for slider navigation & pagination.
  • Custom pagination Background Color & Text Colors

With all these features, this one surely is a great free option to try out.

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8. WooCommerce Product Feed Pro

WooCommerce product feed pro

Active installations: 3,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.9 Stars (75+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: AdTribes.io

WooCommerce Product Feed Pro is a brilliant plugin that saves online sellers time and effort on basic marketing tasks.

This plugin automatically generates a product feed to sync your products with your merchant center – including Google Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Facebook Remarketing, Bing Ads, and many more. You can quickly add all your products (no limitation) from your WooCommerce store to connected dealer shops with no extra work.


  • There is access to over 100 different merchant sites and you can easily pick and choose which sites you would like to display your products on.
  • Pre-built templates available for the merchant sites.
  • You can choose to post your products manually or automatically.
  • The supported file formats include XML, TXT, and CSV.
  • Marketing and promo text, product codes, descriptions, and prices can be easily added.
  • Feed updates can be placed on a set schedule of your choice.
  • Automatic feed updates can be made through FTP.

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9. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Customer review for WooCommerce

Active installations: 4,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.8 Stars (99+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: ivole

No matter which type your store is, a dropshipping store or a print on demand one, creating product reviews for it requires a lot of time and hard work, especially when you want it custom made. That’s the reason why Customer Reviews plugin becomes mandatory for every WooCommerce store.

To cut a long story short, this plugin is built to help set up automatic review reminders for customers who recently purchased a product from your store. Reminder emails are sent to your customers inviting them to review the recent product(s) they purchased. Once customers leave a review, this plugin will automatically display them on your storefront/product pages as social proofs.


  • Review reminder
  • Aggregated review form
  • Enhanced customer reviews
  • Review for discount
  • Display reviews on online stores

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10. Advanced Woo Search

Advance Woo Search

Active installations: 20,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.6 Stars (53+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: ILLID

This is a free plugin that offers live search functionality on your WooCommerce store.

It also allows a search based on various parameters like title, description, categories, tags, etc. You can freely customize those parameters, toggle them on and off whenever you want. And, you can place the search from anywhere on the site using a shortcode.


  • Products search – Search across all your WooCommerce products
  • Search in – Search in the product title, content, excerpt, categories, tags, and SKU. Or just in some of them
  • Settings page – User-friendly settings page with a lot of options
  • Shortcode and widget – Use shortcode and widget to place search box anywhere you want
  • Product image – Each search result contains a product image
  • Product price – Each search result contains product price
  • Terms search – Search for product categories and tags
  • Smart ordering – Search results ordered by the priority of source where they were found
  • Stop Words support to exclude certain words from search.
  • Support for your current search page. Plugin search results will be integrated to your current page layout.

Best Additions: Advanced Woo Search provides an option to display product image and price in the search results.

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11. Product Import Export for WooCommerce

product import export for WooCommerce

Active installations: 40,000+

Current Star Rating: 4.8 Stars (67+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: XAdapter

You probably know how to import / export products in WooCommerce built-in features. This plugin works in a similar way, but with multiple advanced features. It helps transfer product information from one site to another within 3 minutes. Additional features like Evaluation Fields and Scheduled Import Export make the job easier for store owners to automate the process.

Besides basic WooCommerce product types, this plugin can import WooCommerce Subscription, Composite, Bundle, Booking, and Photography products as well.


  • Export WooCommerce products (Simple, Group, External, and Variations) into a CSV file.
  • Import products into WooCommerce (Simple, Group, External, and Variations) in CSV format.
  • Export WooCommerce products by category.
  • Various Filter options for exporting WooCommerce products.
  • Map and transform fields while importing products.
  • Change values while importing products using Evaluation Fields.
  • The choice to update or skip existing imported products.

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12. WooCommerce Extra Product Options

woocommerce extra product options

Total sales: 17,692+

Current Star Rating: 4.86 Stars (784+ reviews)

Plugin Creator: Themecomplete

This plugin provides a lot of flexibility to implement additional options on your WooCommerce product page. You can create different extra fields including checkboxes, radio button, date and time picker, etc.

In addition, you can conditionally display fields based on product, category and other field(s) values. The plugin is compatible with many popular plugins including WooCommerce Subscriptions and Catalog Mode, making it one of the best WooCommerce product plugin in the marketplace.


  • Supports checkboxes, radio buttons, select boxes, text-areas, input boxes, upload, date, range picker and color picker.
  • Prices can change depending on the selected variation for per product options.
  • Image replacement for checkboxes and radio button on Global Options.
  • Choose the grid display for checkboxes and radio button for Global Options.
  • …so much more features.

They have tons of good reviews in Codecanyon everyday:

codecanyon review

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Turn your WooCommerce store into a conversion booster machine

These were my top 12 picks. I hope this list helped you find some great WooCommerce product plugins that best suit your needs.

If you have other great plugins in mind, let me know in the comments section below. Me and our team will revise and who knows – they will appear in the 2019 best plugins list on Beeketing Blog next time 😉


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