You might have heard that thousands of normal people out there are making millions by selling stuff online, yet still doing their 9-to-5 jobs. Sound simple like something anyone could do?

Long story short, making a success online with eCommerce doesn’t come as a stroke of luck over a night or two.

Let’s face the ugly truth: you have great products, a well-designed website, even a decent bugdet on ads to drive traffic. All of that added together does not necessarily mean you’re going to make sales.

You need conversion driving initiatives that actively convert your traffic into purchases. You need WooCommerce marketing & sales tips and tools. And you need to turn all of them into an automated money-making machine that does the job, so you’re out of the wheel.

Asking yourself where to start? Copy and paste from WooCommerce merchants who already thrived from successful marketing strategies.

In this article, we’ll show you 3 online marketing hacking tactics proven effective by 3 WooCommerce brands, that you can immediately copy and apply to boost your store’s growth.

Growth-hack email list from 3282 contacts in 2 months with coupon popups – proven by Monti Fashion

According to Emarketer, ROI of email marketing is 122%, more than four times higher than other marketing channels. “Email marketing is not dead, it evolves”. That’s the reason why you need to convert your hard-earned traffic into contact leads to reserve for email marketing campaigns. Building an evergreen email list is crucial to sustainable growth of online businesses.

Monti Fashion ( managed to successfully collect 3282 new email contacts into their list in less than 2 months by applying a simple tactic: incentivise new visitors to give away their email for a sweet voucher that can be immediately applied in the first purchase:

grow email list with better coupon box

The coupon popup shows up 3 seconds right after a visitor enters the site for the first time. Using a nice product image as the popup’s featured background, Monti Fashion shows their meticulousness in even small details that capture customers’ attention and embed their brand into customers’ impression.

It’s much easier to ask new customers for their email than persuade them to make a purchase, and those eager to give away their email for your sweet coupon are much more willing to purchase. With this little catchy popup, you can easily convert new visitors into email subscribers in under 10 seconds, and motivate them to start buying with a discount coupon.

Monti fashion built this popup with Better Coupon Box app in Beeketing. It literally requires no CSS/HTML coding skills, which makes building website popups never that easy and quick.

Here’s how to do it like Monti Fashion

Install the Beeketing plugin and get access to Better Coupon Box.

On the popup editor, craft an engaging subject and callout text for your popup, and enter the discount coupon:

build woocommerce coupon popup

then choose whether you want to collect email subscribers or social followers, or even both:

create email popup for wordpress woocommerce

To add your branded image into popup’s background, simply upload the image file from your computer:

set up woocommerce popup

In just 2 minutes, you can build a clean and beautiful coupon popup for your WooCommerce store just like Monti fashion. Your converted emails will be stored in Better Coupon Box’s subscriber list and automatically synchronised with your email marketing service (most popular services such as MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, etc. are support).

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Increase average order value by 37.5% with upselling & cross-selling – proven by Fig & Bloom

35% of Amazon’s revenue was directly accounted for by upsells & cross-sells, as declared by Amazon in 2007. Today, they still exploit the strategies heavily on every page of Amazon website, even after customers already complete the purchase. So, what’s hot about that?

Let’s interpret from the obvious facts:

  • It’s easier and less costly to sell more to existing customers than to attract new ones
  • Relevancy is the new king. Online shoppers are more willing to buy items that are relevant or go well with products they already bought.
  • Online shoppers love saving money by hunting discounts. Finding value bundles are like finding diamonds.

Fig & Bloom (, an Australian online brand powered by WooCommerce wittingly applies upselling & cross-selling strategies on their products and has seen amazing success.  

Fig & Bloom mainly sells bouquets for events like weddings and corporate parties. The brand sells vases and chocolate as accessorised decorations and gifts.

When vistors start buying bouquets, they will see an upsell popup suggesting vases or chocolate that should be bought together with the bouquet:

woocommerce upsell plugin

The fact that prices of these additional items are pretty low compared to the bouquet’s price doesn’t make customers hesitate to go over their budget just a little bit to have a perfect gift package.

On average, a bouquet sold by Fig & Bloom is at $120. The average upsell value from these accessorised items is $45 per customer, which means Fig & Bloom is able to lift up their average order value by 37.5% with this upsell offer.

In this a month, Fig & Bloom has made an extra $6,250 from 133 success orders with upsell offers created with Boost Sales app by Beeketing.

set up upsell for woocommerce

With intuitive and energy-saving settings, Boost Sales app makes upselling & cross-selling strategies so automated and ready for WooCommerce merchants to boost average order value and genarate thousands of extra revenue.

Reduce cart abandonment rate to 27.6% in 27 days with social-sharing-for-incentive & exit-intent countdown offers – proven by WSJ Renew

The number 67% of cart abandonment is obsessive to most store owners. Roughly 7 out of 10 people who seem ready to pay for your stuff just abandon their order and leave right before checkout.

Imagine how much potential sales you might be able to save if you could reduce the cart abandonment rate to, less say, below 30 percent?

WSJ Renew ( tested a simple sales trick: they give customers appealing incentives to motivate checkout. Here’s how they do it:

Offer a free gift at cart page:

Those who reach the cart page are highly likely to complete checkout. What WSJ Renew needs to do is a little push that encourages these customers to proceed their orders. They offer a free gift if customers take a small challenge: share their order on Facebook.

The message title “Do you want MORE for the SAME price?” hits off when the offer pops up on the cart page, catching customer’s full attention. With just a few clicks in 10 seconds to share the order on Facebook, customers can have a free item automatically added to their cart.

woocommerce free gift popup

A smart thing about this offer is, by leveraging the social sharing effect, WSJ Renew can gain social referral traffic from posts shared by their existing customers on the largest social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Offer exit-intent customers a discount taken in 5 minutes:

To prevent customers from leaving without completing orders, WSJ Renew also creates a countdown discount offer showing up at exit-intent detection. The idea is built from the fact that urgency drives spontaneous purchasing behavior effectively.

Leaving customers have the chance to take 5% off their order if they take this last-minute offer in 5 mins:

woocommerce marketing to set up countdown offer

With Checkout Boost app by Beeketing, WSJ Renew can easily create this amazing exit-intent countdown offer without any complicated hard code:

set up woocommerce exit-intent popup

By adding these 2 offers, in 27 days WSJ Renew has seen an decrease in their cart abandonment rate from 78.2% to 27.6%, made nearly $16,600.84 in extra sales from 100 successful orders, and gained 30 referral social visitors:

checkout boost app by beeketing report

You can see Checkout Boost best practices here.

How can you start boosting conversion by learning from these successful stories?

Small tweaks can do surprising works, and you wouldn’t know if you don’t implement tests on your store. With Beeketing plugin – Marketing Automation for WooCommerce, it’s easy as a piece of cake to try these powerful WooCommerce marketing tactics and see results in short time, without hiring any developers.

Ready to replicate their success for your own business with Beeketing plugin?

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