More and more online retailers are gearing their business towards dropshipping – the fulfillment model that allows them to sell and ship products to customers without actually stocking any inventory. It has never been so simple and quick to create a WooCommerce dropship store. But this post isn’t about that. We’re going to talk about the most challenging part: how to implement effective marketing and sales strategies to boost conversion and revenue, with as less efforts as possible.

We will list out 10 best WordPress plugins that can save you hours of working to boost sales for your WooCommerce drop shipping business. The features they provide are unique and efficient to fix a step in your sales conversion funnel.

Boost Sales | Upsells & Cross-sells for WooCommerce

The best part about dropshipping is that you don’t have to worry about inventory management, packaging or shipping at all, but focus 100% on getting traffic and selling your listed products. Speaking of this, Amazon the eCommerce game leader is the best to learn from. 35% of their revenue was reported to be results of product upselling & cross-selling.

Boost Sales | Upsells & Cross-sells plugin allows WooCommerce dropshippers to curate upsell and cross-sell offers beautifully on the store so you can sell more to each customer. When customers add a specific item to cart, you can set up an upselling of more valuable alternatives or relevant items so customers can switch or buy more.

upselling offers for woocommerce dropship stores

Cross-selling works a bit differently: the feature allows creating bundles of complementary products frequently bought togethers. Customers can buy the whole bundle at a discounted total price.cross-sell offers

The design is eye-catchy, minimalised, and optimized for conversion in each small elements, such as the CTA button, the price color, the close-popup text. It all makes the popups not intrusive at all, but very attractive to and interactive with shoppers.

The plugin has 15-day free trial, then monthly subscrition starts from $30 / month. Considering the benefits, it’s totally worth trying.


Refer A Friend for WooCommerce by WPGens

If your niche can growth based on word of mouth, this plugin is a definite one to try. Basically, it invites customers to share your products to their friends and rewards with a coupon or free gift.

Each customer will have unique referral link on their account page, which they use to invite their friends to your website. If the referees visit your website via this referral link and make purchases, referers will get a reward.

While the free version is quite simple and limited, the premium version allows you to reward th referees as well, shortcodes to place the referral link anywhere on your website so customers can conveniently and instantly share, set expire date for coupons,… Check their premium version out here.


Checkout Boost | Free Gifts, Discounts, Freeshipping Promotions

The eCommerce market in average sees cart abandonment rate of 67.7%, which means 6 to 7 in 10 online shoppers abandon their carts. Online sellers lose most at checkout conversion. Therefore, it’s critical to prevent cart abandonment and boost the checkout rate.

Online shoppers need a little push when they get closer to checkout. A free gift, a discount or shipping coupon are great incentives that motivate them to finish their order. Checkout Boost plugin helps WooCommerce dropshippers create exciting incentive offers at ease. You can offer customers a free gift, a discount code, or free shipping coupon, automatically applied to their current order.

That’s too simple anyway, but this awesome plugin can do more than that. It makes your offers tempting and encouraging by adding extra effects:

  • Ask your customers to share their cart to Facebook or Twitter in order to receive the freebies. By leverging to power of social sharing, you can get endless social referral traffic from your customers’ shared posted and sharing offer
  • Put your customers under time pressure by creating a countdown clock that urges them to finish checkout and get the offer before time runs out.

 countdowntimer offer


  • Show exit-intent offers when customers are detected to be leaving the site with unchecked cart.
  • Set a cart value threshold to your offer, and motivate customers to spend more to reach the threshold and receive the reward offer.
  • Show offers in thank-you page after customers already finish checkout, and upsell some relevant items based on their order, in order to motivate repeat purchases.

Be ready to see your checkout rate lifted up 15-25% with this plugin, you’re gonna feel blessed to have it.


Personalized Product Recommendation Sliders

There are many related product sliders plugins for WooCommerce, and litterally they are very identical. Personalized Recommendation plugin is a bit different in both features and UI/UX design.

Most users will be thankful for the automated personalized recommendation, powered by the built-in smart recommendation algorithms in the plugin. By collecting and analyzing shop’s sales data and customer behavior patterns, the plugin will generate product recommendation tailored to each customer’s favourite choices.

There are 4 types of automatic related product sliders:

  • Best Sellers of Store
  • Frequently Bought Together
  • Recently Viewed
  • Recommendations Based on Cart

Of course, you can also customize recommendations by choosing specific products to upsell to your customers, with Handpicked Products Just For You slider.


Abandoned Cart for WooCommerce

Similar to Checkout Boost, this plugin tackles cart abandonment challenge, but using email marketing. It sends email notifications to guests & logged-in customers, reminding them of their incomplete orders.

Simple as it may seem, this plugin provides great flexibility in managing cart recovery emails. You can create an email series to be sent at intervals until your customers are recovered. HTML is supported using the powerful Rich Text editor so you can design beautiful emails. You will also get notified by email when an order is successfully recovered.

The Pro version even supports more powerful features such as capturing customers email with popup modals at checkout page, more template designs, more advanced tracking report, etc. Check them out here.


WooCommerce Live Sales Notifications

The dropshipping model has a big disadvantage: it’s hard for your brand to be unique since you sell the same products as many others sourcing from the same wholesalers. The key problem solver here is enhance brand trust and authenticity. Live Sales Notifications is a must-have plugin for any WooCommerce dropship sellers who want to tackle this challenge. uses this plugin to run recent order notifications when customers visit the store. Besides notifying real orders, they can even create “fake” notifications to promote some featured products as hot sellers.

live sales notifications for woocommerce dropship stores

Online shoppers prefer buying from popular brands, that’s the power of Social proof. This smart strategy creates the sense of a busy store, builds brand trust, and strengthens customer’s confidence to buy.

Pricing is on commission-based. They take 4% of the extra sales generated from the recommendation sliders, instead of charging a fixed fee. If it makes you no sales in a month, you will not be charged anything. This is a smart pricing that secures online sellers from cost burden: the plugin needs to make money for you and pay for itself.


Countdown Cart for WooCommerce

Among typical mind-tricks in eCommerce, sales countdown clock, low stock indicators, and social proof notifications are simple but best to trigger customer’s willingness to make spontaneous purchases. Good news is, you can find tools to run all these 3 tricks on your shop with just 1 WooCommerce plugin: Countdown Cart.

Countdown Cart allows you to create 3 widgets on any product pages:

  • Sales Countdown Timer: if you run time-limited discount deals, a real-time countdown clock will show on the product page to create a sense of urgency and push interested customers to make immediate purchase before time runs out.
  • Low Stock Progress Bar: customers are more motivated to purchase when items they’re interested in are running out of stock. This widget places a progress bar that indicates a product is in low stock.
  • Social Proof Notifications: smart sellers know that social proof is the marketing tactic for easing the minds of worried customers. By letting them know that many other peers have viewed and bought the item, they are more convinced that it’s safe to make a purchase.

Countdown Cart demo


Yotpo Reviews for Woocommerce

This is a complete solution for product reviews generation plus many add-on features that work to drive you traffic and sales, leveraging the power of customer content.

The core feature is growing reviews for your products (which is available in the free plan). After making purchase, customers will receive a follow up email that ask for their review submission. All verifired reviews from customers will be displayed nicely on site to make the social proof speaks for itself.

yotpo review

The paid packages integrates more features such as sharing reviews on social networks, customer questions submission, turning reviews into Facebook and Instagram ads, offering customers coupons for writing reviews, etc. Details on their paid plans can be found here.


Pricing Deals for WooCommerce

Flexibility in creating discount pricing and promotion deals is important to any WooCommerce drop shipping businesses.

Pricing Deals plugin allows shop onwers to create a wide range of discount types, such as: buy-1-get-1, bulk discount (buy 5 get a discount, buy 10 get a larger discount; buy $10 get a discount, buy $100 get a larger discount), percent discount, fix amount discount, packaging pricing, etc.

It’s possible to use shortcodes to advertise the deals on storefront to make the deals visible to your customers. One note is that the free version will apply deals on all products. If you want to create product groups and customize discounts for different product categories, you will need the Pro version.


WooCommerce Shop to Facebook by Storeya

If you have a large number of Facebook followers, this is a definite plugin to add on. It automatiaclly imports your shop into Facebook store, fully customized for both Facebook arena and the original brand’s look & feel.

If you’re also active on other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, or Youtube, this plugin also allows importing all your social activites into Facebook, and nest feeds under social to facebook by storeya

Simple as it my seems, this plugin works great for brands that have a high degree of popularity on social channels and those that are looking to grow their social fans base.


Wrap Up

It is critical for WooCommerce dropship business owners to drive massive growth on sales to outweigh the low margin and high competition in the dropshipping market. Building brand trust, social proof, increasing average order value per customers, offering incentives, etc. are great ways to drive customers down the last step in the conversion funnel. Except that you can build your own tools, third-party plugins mentioned above are great innovations that can save you long hours of manual work and produce high ROI.


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