$38,381 in extra sales, to be exact, is what Prema, one of our customers, earned in just 27 days last November. I am so amazed and excited when I found out his statistics that I couldn’t help sharing his success story here.

He started with a small e-Commerce website a few months ago from crash just like all of us and has been struggling to increase every bit of conversion rates every single day. Last month, he managed to earn more than $38K extra sales by applying just 1 app.

Let’s take a look at his statistics and do a quick calculation:

Personalized Recommendations app by Beeketing

In 27 days, more than 1 million impressions were made by store shoppers, leading to 17k carts added and 375 orders successfully checked out. With the average cart value of $102, the total sales achieved from 375 success orders was $38k. Wow, e-Commerce experts would say “Well done, you’ve nailed it!”, I believe.

So how did he achieve this success? The secret is…well, no secret at all: predictive product recommendations – the killing weapon that has been proved by Amazon and 100% of top e-Commerce websites in the world:

use product recommendatio to increase sales

Amazon Product page 

Asos product pageAsos Product page

And here is a screenshot of his store’s product page, which looks very professional and attractive like big e-Commerce sites:

professional product page

Not only in the product page does he put predictive recommendation blocks but he also put Cart Recommendations, Recently Viewed, Featured Products and Best Sellers of the Store in landing, collection and cart pages.

Amazon devotes 70% of its homepage to show these recommendations widgets, proving that it is incredibly effective in converting sales. Why automated suggestions work that great is simple: it targets individual customer with the right products at the right moment, highly increasing the possibility that customers will purchase the suggested items. These recommendations are not randomly made, but wisely chosen. Big data technology is exploited to collect and analyze historical data site-wide. Browsing behaviors, views, carts, orders history of all visitors are taken into account and processed by smart algorithms to automatically generate the best personalized recommendations to individual level. The result is what all online sellers ever want: average size cart increased, order value tripled, and revenue boosted up like rocket.

Curious how my customer could implement the recommendation widgets on his site beautifully like Amazon and Asos? He got started and trust in Personalized Recommendation app to run the strategy on his site automatically with so little cost.

“I was thrilled when I came back to the see the app dashboard after 5 days installing it. I got 48 orders from recommendations widgets, wow! It looked quite unreal so I waited for a few more days, and the numbers just kept going up. Selling online has never been so fantastic to me like that. Thanks Personalized Recommendation for helping me sell so effortlessly. It really works!” – said Prema.

Do you want to achieve the same success like Prema? It could be your story next to share with other online sellers. But first, let’s get your store started with Personalized Recommendation to sell like Amazon and Prema.

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