E-commerce site is considered today as an online store where customers and sellers meet and communicate with each other. Customers will make a purchase decision when they feel satisfied with the product they are looking for in your online store. And one of the factors affecting the purchasing decision of customers is the information provided on the website.

In this article, Beeketing will synthesize all information that customers are most interested in when access an online store.

1. Pricing

Price is the top issue that consumers concern when making online purchasing decisions. Whether your price you set is high or low also affects customer perceptions about affordability. In most cases, customer is strongly dominated by prices. Specially to online stores, customers can compare the price among multiple vendors easily.

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The price transparency creates trust for customers. Today, however, many online stores do not state the specific price for products (they usually put the agreed price and the customer must contact them for a detailed price). You should limit using it as customer want to save their shopping time and they always have many alternatives choices, so they will rarely call you to negotiate for a price, unless you are trading unique commodities.

Price information includes not only the products price but also the information about the costs involved (if any) as the packaging cost, shipping costs, etc. In the price information, you can also offer the price before and after reducing to stimulate purchasing of customers.

2. Product Description

More than 12% of consumer feedback on the retail website related to the lack of clear, and full product information. This proves that buyers actually more interested in the information of products they want to buy.

It is understandable because customers have many more choices. They not only buy products that they need,but they also buy the products they consider the most affordable among online stores they know. It can range from pricing or information related to product characteristics: design, color, material, quality, etc. …

The description must be specific so that customers can feel like they are consulted directly. This is particularly important for the fashion retail website, because many customers complaint the lacked information about clothing sizes, and it is considered as the main reason why customers leave your site without a purchase order. In addition, information as material, and the origin of the goods are what an online store should has.

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*Detailed description makes your customers trust more

3. Product Status

Knowing the product they want to buy is in stock or not is very important factor that leads the purchasing decision of your customers. It is related to the quickly update information on inventory of sellers. Customers will appreciate the effort to update the information from the seller.

It’s annoying if a visitor has found a satisfactory product and decide to buy but after making an order they know that it is out of stock. Then they probably will have a bad impression about your online sales.

Some sites also use the product status as a way to excite customers purchase quickly. For instance, with information that there is only 1 A product in stock, customers will pay attention to this product and tend to make a payment more.

4. Payment Information

The current forms of payment that using popularly today are:

  • Payment via bank account
  • Payment on delivery
  • Payment via payment gateways (Paypals, OnePay, etc.)

With an online business market which has not been as strict management, many customers have precautions when shopping online. Therefore, they are very interested in the forms of payment that online stores apply to make sure whether it is reliable or not. You should provide full and clear information relating to the form of payment, payment terms to create customer’s confidence.

A online store has a complete payment system will help customers feel safe when shopping.

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*Paypal is one of the most  popular gateways in the international e-commerce business

5. Shipping Information

Shipping goods is one of the issue that customers are really care about when making a purchase with online store. One of the advantages of online business is not limited to geographical distance between sellers and buyers, it makes the form of delivery is used more commonly.

Your customers care about if you have free shipping policy in the urban area or not, the cost of shipping in detail on each area, time for shipping is long or short, and whether the delivery method is appropriate or not, etc. These information can greatly affect purchasing decisions of customers, they may really love your products but it can’t be sure that they will take extra shipping cost to get these product.

6. Refund Policy

One of the disadvantages of online purchases is that customers often do not put much trust in the seller. Internet offers shopping methods and find out information conveniently but “test products” is still an indispensable process of buying behavior. Thus, this somewhat limits the online purchasing habits of customers. They fear they will have to pay up, or buy the bad quality products unlike the information they read.

To solve this problem, your e-commerce site should complement refund policy for customers. Refund Policy is your commitment to customers to increase confidence and remove psychological barriers when they make purchasing decision. In the refund policy, do not forget to list the detailed provisions relating to compensation if the quality is not good as commitment, or malfunction during shipping or technical errors.

Customers will trust you if you build a transparent, clear, principled business style.

What makes online purchase different from traditional purchase is the chance to experience. When buying directly, the client can observe, touch, and even use trial products. In contrary, when purchasing products online, customers can not have that experience. So therefore, the more transparent and convincing information you provide is, the chances that your customers purchase will be higher.

We hope that with the above suggestions, you will be able to design a good website that is extremely reliable for customers.


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