Nine out of ten online businesses fail within 2 months of opening. When running their business, nearly half (48%) of store owners have problem with low traffic and most of them (77%) struggle with converting shoppers into paying customers. If you’re running your online store with Weebly and trying to boost monthly sales, this article is for you.

While Weebly makes it so quick and easy to create an online store, extra functionalities are somewhat limited, such as coupon giveaways, upsell and cross-sell offers, or personalized product recommendations,… By adding Weebly apps, you can extend all those functionalities in just a few clicks and then quickly grow your store – even on a tight budget.

So, how can you find the right Weebly apps to help you sell more? We have crawled and tested hundreds of available apps to pick up the Top 11 Weebly apps for you to choose. Let’s get started!

1. Sales Pop (free)

What Sales Pop is

Live sales notifications

Why you should use Sales Pop

With small online stores, the big disadvantage is: it’s hard for your brand to build trust and credibility with shoppers since you’re just starting out. The solution here is providing social proofs to enhance the store’s authenticity and strengthen shoppers’ confidence to buy.

This is where Sales Pop comes in.

It helps create pop-ups like this: “2 people has just booked this hotel!”, “Amanda from NYC has just bought this glitter handbags!”. When shoppers know what other people are buying, it creates the sense of a busy store and motivates them to purchase your products immediately.


What Sales Pop offers

  • Automatically sync orders from your store to generate real-time pop-up notifications.
  • Create many custom notifications as you want, with the product and customer information of your choice!
  • One-click installation. No coding required.


2. Stats & Marketing

What Stats & Marketing is

Marketing statistics and paid search campaign creator

Why you should use Stats & Marketing

Stats & Marketing by SiteWit is an automated solution for paid search marketing that gets your site found by potential customers. The app will automatically give you some insights about your traffic after few hours of analyzing your site’s data.

More than that, the app also helps build and customize your paid search campaigns in 4 easy steps, with budget starting from $50/month.

What Stats & Marketing offers

  • Show up on search engines and get found online by customers searching for your products and services
  • Focus on growing your business while the app fully automates your paid search campaigns
  • Get insights about your visitors with the website analytics feature
  • Access the lead generation widget to get more leads and get back to them with ease


3. Boost Sales

What Boost Sales is

Smart upsell & cross-sell app to increase order value


An upsell offer on EC Commerce Store

Why you should use Boost Sales

Upsell and cross-sell tactics are being widely used by big retailers like Amazon and Walmart as the must-have elements on their e-commerce site. Good news is: small business owners now can embrace this idea to their online stores with Boost Sales app.

The concept is simple: When customers add an item to cart, a pop up will show up to suggest them other items that can alternate or complement with items they choose.

This technique helps increase revenue by selling more to the same customer. More than that, the benefits are not all one-sided. Your customers can choose the right and better matching products for themselves due to your upsell and cross-sell offers.


 A cross-sell offer on

What Boost Sales offers

  • Upsell & Cross sell offers encourage customers to add higher-valued items or purchase bundles to increase sales from any customers
  • Automated smart recommendation to suggest products customers most likely want to buy.
  • Last step up-sell offers on cart page to convert even more sales from paying customers.
  • Sales Motivator: display a progress bar to excite customers buy more and receive your offer
  • Quick View: letting customers preview a product and check out right in 1 screen, without having to browse many pages


4. Testimonial Slider

What Testimonial Slider is

Testimonials slider for marketing purposes.

Why you should use Testimonial Slider

More than 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a website with customer testimonials. This is exactly why your business website needs testimonials, it is a simple math.

Similar to Sales Pop, this app tackles brand trust and authenticity problem with small online stores, but using customer’s testimonials. It lets you add testimonials and reviews to your site, with purpose of putting potential customers at ease, resulting in generating more converted sales.

baamboo studio

What Testimonial Slider offers

  • 7 design templates to create a stunning look for your testimonials
  • Customize settings to match your website design
  • Use responsive displays that look great on all devices


5. Checkout Boost

What Checkout Boost is

Social sharing. Countdown timer. Upsell offer.

Why you should use Checkout Boost

85% of small businesses get customers through social word-of-mouth. Leveraging this fact, Checkout Boost app helps you utilize the power of social network’s referrals by offering customers incentives if they share their carts on Facebook or Twitter. At the same time, you can  optimize 2 steps in your sales funnel: bring more traffic from social word-of-mouth, and improve checkout rate by offering special offers to potential customers.

Checkout boost

What Checkout Boost offers

5 types of offer you can create:

  • Free gift / Free shipping / Discount offers to promote social network sharing
  • Countdown Timer offers to create urgency
  • Exit-intent offers to prevent cart abandonment
  • BOGO offers that actually convert
  • Post-checkout Upsell Recommendations to motivate more purchases

Countdown offer

A countdown offer on 32and8 store


6. MailBot

What MailBot is

An automated email marketing system

Why you should use MailBot

If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to have an effective tool to communicate with shoppers who matter most to your online store. Email marketing gives you the ability to keep shoppers engaged with you during anytime of the year.

One of the best email marketing apps on Weebly App Center that received decent good reviews from users is MailBot.

MailBot was born your automated email marketing assistant who’ll do all the job for you to give you more time focusing on sales and marketing. Once setup, MailBot will help you plan weekly newsletters and decide which types of email to deliver to each segment of customers.

MailBot has a library of email subjects and bodies where you can input for the bot to randomly select for each week’s campaign. The app will make sure emails have different subjects and content not to bore recipients and make them feel like they’re receiving a personalized email.


This app is an affordable email marketing tool for growing businesses because of its reasonable pricing. It starts from only $19 for small online stores of less than 1,000 contacts, to $49 for medium-sized businesses of up to 10,000 subscribers.

What MailBot offers

  • Automate newsletter drafting & scheduling for you
  • Advanced customer segmentation so the app can send tailored contents to each group of customers
  • Personalized follow-up emails with 8 pre-built campaigns for you to choose
  • A 15-day free trial included


7. Easy Contact Form

What Easy Contact Form is

Customizable contact form

Why you should use Contact Form

Being reachable is critical when you’re trying to connect with your potential customers. When there’s no way to reach you, there’s no way to get support when they need your help — which leaves needs unspoken, and ultimately money on the table. Contact form is not only the key solution but also one of the must-have elements on each e-commerce site.

With Easy Contact Form, your customers can easily find a way to contact you and ask for a proper support without hours of searching for your email or phone number. In addition to a free contact form, you also get unlimited use of other features that Zotabox offers, just by installing Contact Form app.

What Easy Contact Form offers

  • Responsive and customizable contact form
  • Customize templates for customer reviews and feedback
  • No coding needed. Fully customizable.

Easy contact form


P/S: If you’re frustrated about dealing with offline messages flooding your email box, take a look at Facebook Chat app. This app is extremely popular in Weebly because of its useful feature, it allows you to chat with customers anytime, at anywhere by using just Facebook Messenger.

8. Countdown Cart (free)

What Countdown Cart is

Countdown timer & social proof

Why you should use Countdown Cart

Countdown Cart is the only app you need to create a strong sense of urgency and scarcity for your Weebly store. Once installed, this app immediately add a countdown timer, a stock countdown, and a social proof widget to your product page to make your customers buy faster.

Countdown Cart is great for store owners who running holiday promotions or flash sales on their e-commerce site. Believe it or not, it’s the only app is 100% FREE and contains multiple features that you have to pay at least $11.99 if you use other apps in Weebly App Center. Too good to be true?

Countdown cart

What Countdown Cart offers

3 powerful widgets on every product pages to drive up your sales significantly:

  • A countdown timer to create urgency for your deals. Drive customers’ actions and urge them to buy before time runs out.
  • Stock countdown to display the limited availability of your products. Create scarcity and make your customers buy faster.
  • Social proof to display how many people have viewed, added to cart, or bought your products. Build trust on your brand.


9. Social Media Stream

What Social Media Stream is

Social media feed for your online store

Why you should use Social Media Stream

Social Media Stream is one of the most popular social media apps with 200 good reviews on Weebly App Center.

After being installed, this app quickly integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,…or any social profiles on your store with just one click. A live updated feed will be displayed on the storefront to showcase the most up-to-date posts from your social media. By this way, shoppers can view all of your real-time updates right on your store, a smart way to make your site lively and animatedly.

What Social Media Stream offers

  • Make your store socially dynamic for Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Pinterest / Tumblr
  • Gain social media followers
  • Reduce the amount of time you spend on embedding pictures and posts


10. Free Shipping Bar

What Free Shipping Bar is

A free shipping progress bar on top of the site

Why you should use Free Shipping Bar

No doubt that free shipping is a surefire way to increase sales for online store of all shapes and sizes. However, it’s not worth offering free shipping unless you can make it profitable.

Now with Free Shipping Bar, ecom sellers can maximize profits on a free shipping offer by adding the minimum order value required for free shipping. Many shoppers will be happy to add additional items to their shopping cart to receive your offer. This is how the app works – displaying a progress bar on top of your store to let customers know how they can do to catch your free shipping offer.

Free shipping bar

What Free Shipping Bar offers

  • Easily display your free shipping offer in an elegant slide-out bar!
  • Show messages to encourage shoppers to add more items to earn free shipping!
  • Display a progress percentage to help customers add enough items for free shipping!
  • Add a fun “Congratulations!” message when customers earn free shipping!


11. Outfy

What Outfy Is?

Outfy is a social media promotion app to increase the social reach of your products

Why you should use Outfy?

Outfy has an official integration with Weebly – so you just need to register your Weebly store at Outfy, and all your product / services data will get auto-synced to your Outfy account. No image upload / copy-paste required at all!

The app helps your products go viral across as many as 15 social media channels with just a few clicks from 1 single dashboard and make the social media management effortless for online store owners.

This is by far the largest coverage any app can provide for social media networks, in today’s world

Outfy weebly

What Outfy offers?

  • Increase your social reach with regular and consistent promotions
  • Promote in real time or schedule for days in the future
  • Create automated posts within your personalized settings, without making the posts look robotic at all
  • Promote new launches, sales, discount coupons, blogs etc on social media networks, using Outfy’s fully customizable, aesthetically designed templates.
  • Create and promote collages of multiple products to promote your collections / new launches / complete store
  • Increase your customer engagement, without much time and effort!
  • No fixed monthly fees or commitment at all, just pay as you use

Social media management made easy, all the way!


Final thoughts

We hope that our list of top 11 Weebly apps above has helped you find some new apps for your store that you might not have been aware of before.

So what’s next?

It’s time to take action: choose some of your favourite apps and test them today so you can take your sales to the next level!

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