Running coupon pop for your online store can be a powerful weapon in your conversion armory, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Instead of using coupon codes to drive revenue and maximize conversions, savvy Ecommerce entrepreneurs pointed out that there are hundred ways to grow their brands with website popups without giving out any coupon code on your site.

But how to show a pop up without any discount code on it, is that possible? Yes. Is it hard to create one? No. In this post today, we want to show you 3 real-life pop up examples and how to run your own successful pop ups without promotion so you can see how the pros are doing it.

Let’s dive in.

1.  Add a welcome pop-up to encourage visitors and collect valuable email addresses

You come to a party, it would be great if the host could say Hello to you and start introducing you with the other guests. You will never want to be left alone and hopelessly struggling to understand what’s happening with the rest of the room.

Your store is exactly like your own party. The great way to make your visitors feel welcome is sending your warm greetings to them after they enter to your site for 2 – 3 seconds. A beautiful pop up box which show your welcome message and some nice words to introduce your store can be a very good way to start.

Well, now you do not want to create a popup just to say Hello to first-time visitors, right? Here’s how to kill two birds with one stone: add an email opt-in box to your popup to boost your mailing list. Those new visitors may not buy on the first time they’re on your store, but when you have their email, you can drive them back and convert them into a real buyers with engaging newsletters and appealing vouchers. That’s the right time for a promo coupon.

welcome pop ups

Here’s how you do it with Better Coupon Box:

Start with a new coupon popup in your Better Coupon Box App Dashboard. Craft a compelling message that touches your first time visitors. Leave the coupon code field and social network profiles blank then choose ‘Collect emails from customers to engage them’ option in Email Subscription.

smart pop up box

2.  Boost your social followers with a catchy entry popup

Do you know more than 60% of online shoppers leave an online store after the first 5 seconds landing in the Homepage and never come back again? We all know drawing potential customers’ attention is hard enough, but catching their eye and driving them back to your store is even more difficult.

However, we have an easy but super effective solution for you: turn them into your audiences then grab their interest with your social content to save a second chance to sell. These visitors will likely come back and make some real purchases on your store. All you need is a catchy entry pop up to ask visitors like or follow your social channels like this:

smart entry pop up

Here’s how you do it with Better Coupon Box:

Create a new coupon popup. After fill in all the text fields (except coupon code), enter social network profiles you want to active, not all profiles are required. Untick the ‘Email Subscription’ option.

ecommerce pop ups

3.  Using a website popup to run an online contest/ giveaway on your store

Believe or not, hosting an online contest or a giveaway is one of the fastest ways to build your brand due to its viral nature. And a little lightbox that pops on your site is an almighty tool for you to quickly set one up.

Wait, be careful with what you will do, your visitors may be tired of hundred of advertising pop ups on the internet. A giveaway popup can be a real double-edged sword if you just do it without having a deep understanding about website popup in eCommerce. Here are the most common popup mistakes that should be avoided in order to make your visitors feel comfortable then generate more leads to your site:

  • Ask for too much information: the more information you request, the lower chance for you to convert your visitors into potential customers.
  • Make the exit ‘X’ button tiny and very hard to find: people hate to be forced to do something. Don’t let them stuck with your popup, you should provide them different options to choose. If  they do not want to join the contest/ giveaway, let them exit and keep surfing your site.
  • Pop it up right after visitors enter your store: when they come to your site for the first time, they will want to spend some time to have a quick look on what you are selling and whether they’re interested in them. Do not let a popup bump into their face when they have no idea about your site. Based on some studies, the best time to present your popup is after 5 seconds they land on your store.

giveaway pop up


Hopefully our three real-life website pop up examples we listed above has inspired you and help you grow your brand for days and days. You really do not need to have coupon code or some overcosting tools to generate quality leads and boost conversions for your online store. Just start running one of these ideas above and make the best of your Better Coupon Box app, you can maximize your marketing efforts with little time and money.

If you need any help applying these ideas to your store, just leave comment below or Contact Us for a personal 24/24 support. We’re more than happy to help!


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