You are getting traction, you are making sales, you are scaling, you are imagining all the things you can sell on your online store… And all of a sudden, a Paypal Hold NIGHTMARE happens to you.

If you are running an online business and accepting credit card payments, a hold on your payment account is definitely a disaster. It can bring your business to a freeze on processing ability, just like a hiccup while… you are swallowing.

Attend our FREE webinar with the topic: “The comprehensive recipe for a trusted PayPal account” to learn the optimal solution to set up a reliable PayPal account, thus lowering the dispute rate and reducing its impact on your revenue. In this webinar featuring PayPal & ShopBase’s leaders, we also show you the ways to prevent money holding from happening, so you can keep your cash flowing.

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ShopBase Webinar # 2: The comprehensive recipe for a trusted PayPal account

This dedicated webinar will tell you the EXACT steps to restore your account from PayPal Hold (if you are already in this situation) and prevent you from this disaster. Besides, our webinar helps you gain PayPal’s trust easily and lower the dispute rate to under 1%.

This 1-hour talk will include 3 main sessions:

1st session: PayPal & ShopBase strategic partnership announcement

During this session, PayPal’s Channel Partner Lead will share the exciting news of ShopBase becoming a strategic partner of PayPal – the most popular payment gateway with three hundred and five million active users worldwide, which has marked an important milestone in the growth history of ShopBase

You will also get to know how to create a PayPal account right from the ShopBase dashboard, which makes your PayPal payment flow smoother.

2nd session: How to create a trusted PayPal account

You will figure out how to make your PayPal account look more trusted in PayPal’s eyes, therefore, reducing the risk of payment with 4 main tips that have been classified by ShopBase. Each tip will contain many smaller ideas that you could apply right away to your account.

3rd session: PayPal Borderless Commerce Report 2021

PayPal’s report about the eCommerce trends when the Covid-19 has significantly changed customers’ purchasing habits will bring you much more insightful information. With this helpful report, you can adopt ideas to your business and also take advantage of the current condition.

Besides, our experts will be answering the questions which ShopBase previously collected from our audience.