Note: Chosen 12 top BigCommerce apps in this list focus on improving conversion rates, push shoppers to checkout, and increase sales for BigCommerce stores. We do not include apps that support operational functions.

When it comes to choosing an eCommerce-hosted platform to build an online store, BigCommerce was your No.#1 option thanks to their easy-to-use dashboard, unlimited sales cap on any plans, 0% transaction costs, 24/7 support from a dedicated team, and more.

Besides BigCommerce’s built-in features, however, you still need assistance from third-party apps to take your store to the next level of automation and efficiency. But when it comes to finding the right add-on apps, it is nerve-racking and time-consuming. Too many apps that it can take you weeks to try, test and finally come up with the right ones for you. One minute cost to find a right app is a one minute wasted when you’re so busy handling your 9-to-5 job and your entrepreneur dream at the same time.

We’ll save your time by doing the research, trying all the top BigCommerce apps on our test stores and contacting the developers for in-depth information. Now, let’s see what are the best BigCommerce apps in 2017 that you, if being a BigCommerce entrepreneur, should definitely pay attention to. 

P/S. Number #6 and #3 are unique apps that you cannot find substitutes in BigCommerce App Store.


#13. Sales Pop – Show recent sales notification popups


  • Show recent sales notification popups to create the sense of a busy store
  • Customization options are flexible. Create your own custom notifications to boost sales of some specific products
  • No coding skills needed, things are default at the best settings.

Sales Pop

More details:

Built from the concept of social proof enhancing buying confidence of online shoppers, Sales Pop app displays notifications of recent orders in your store to create the sense of a busy store.

When a customer visits your website on any page, small popups on site corner will show up saying that someone from a specific location has just bought a product a few minutes ago. Buying showing the real name of the buyer, the real location he or she comes from, and the real time ago, this app builds trust and authenticity on your brand and encourage new customers to start placing orders with you.

Pricing: Free Forever

#12. Google Shopping by Sales & Orders – Create, Manage, and Optimize Your Google Shopping Feed


  • Automated product feed generation to be able to list your products on the largest search engine marketing channel in the world
  • Manage and control your feed inventory and use error diagnostics to remove disapproved products from being scanned by Google
  • Enhance your product data to improve Google Shopping ad performance utilizing exclusive, in-app modification tools

Sales & Orders Google Shopping Feed Management


Developed by the creators of Sales & Orders: Management Software for Google Shopping, the leading, unified platform for retailers to create, manage, optimize, and analyze their Google Shopping campaigns, Google Shopping by Sales & Orders is the native, free Product Data Feed app for retailers looking to sell on Google Shopping.

Out of the box, the app is a fully automated product feed generator and communicates directly with Google Merchant Center, sending the required data needed to be able to create Google Shopping campaigns in AdWords, and returns vital error diagnostics to assist retailers in improving data quality.

BigCommerce merchants can also tap into optional, premium upgrade opportunities directly in-app such as Modify Products thus allowing them to optimize crucial data points such as Product Titles, Custom Labels, Descriptions, and more.

Pricing: Free with optional paid upgrades / Additional premium plan

#11. Rebilia – Save Credit Cards


  • Allow customers to save & manage credit cards for future purchases
  • Enhance and simplify checkout process, reduce order abandonments
  • Advanced options for you to manage charges in bulk

best bigcommerce app to save credit cards

More details:

Adding, editing, removing payment information are sometimes real hassles for online shoppers at checkout step, which can lead them to drop if the options are not easy enough for them.

Rebilia is the best BigCommerce app that helps merchants solve this problem nicely. It allows shoppers to save their payment methods (currently support Authorize.NET, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal Payflow Pro, PayPal Payments Pro…) for future purchases. Shoppers can view, add, delete payment options on their account. You, as the store owners, can easily manage authorized transactions partially or in bulk in BigCommerce admin.

Pricing: From $20/month – Custom with 14 Days Free Trial

#10. Compass – All-in-1 Analytics Report Dashboard


  • More than 30 e-Commerce metrics in 1 dashboard, for example, Customer Lifetime Value, Repurchase Rate, Refunds, Customer Acquisition Costs, etc.
  • Benchmark your eCommerce metrics against similar companies
  • All basic features are free


Compass incorporate a comprehensive report of all your analytics metrics into a dashboard in your store admin. Instead of manually keeping track of metrics in Excel, you can now watch all metrics calculated for you by Compass in 1 dashboard.

You can make bad business decisions due to the lack of contextual data. Compass gives you the benchmarks of your industry to help you make sense of your data. Though 100% precision is impossible, Compass crunches their huge pool of data to produce results closest to reality.

best bigcommerce app to do analytics

Pricing: From Free to custom. Refer to their website for details

#9. Personalized Recommendation – Sell like Amazon


  • Automatic personalized product recommendations tailored to each customer
  • All built-in, just turn on/off settings, no coding required
  • No upfront cost, take 4% commission on extra sales generated by the app


Amazon dedicates 70% of its homepage to product recommendation widgets. Embracing this idea, the app builds highly advanced recommendation algorithms to tailor product recommendations based on customer’s behavior & interests on the store.

To improve better product discovery experience for your customers on all pages, the app builds 4 types of recommendation and give you the options to set up any types on any pages (except checkout page):

  • Customers who bought this also bought
  • Best sellers of store
  • Recently viewed
  • Cart recommendations

The design is clean and 100% customizable with handy tools in settings admin so you can design its looks to match with your store’s theme:

top bigcommerce app for personalized recommendation

Pricing: From $17+/month.

#8. Yotpo – Grow Authentic Product Reviews


  • Motivate customers to write review for your products
  • Answer to customer’s questions right on product page or request past purchasers to answer
  • Turn reviews into Facebook ads


89% of online shoppers make a purchase based on reviews from past purchasers. Yotpo Reviews is a full-solution platform to help you generate reviews and curate those reviews into effective traffic and conversion drivers.

In the free version, it sends follow-up emails to buying customers to request reviews. More advanced features in premium packages include responding to reviews (publicly or privately), transforming 5-star reviews in Facebook ads, incentivising customers to write review with coupon codes…

Yotpo User Generated Content Marketing Solution


#7. Better Coupon Box – Grow Social Followers & Email List with Coupon Popups


  • Auto sync subscribers with many ESPs: Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Aweber,…
  • Support exit-intent popups
  • Many pre-designed templates & CSS custom to fully control how your popups look


Growing revenue for your online store goes with growing your email list and fan bases of your social accounts. Better Coupon Box empowers catchy welcome popups that ask customers to follow social media or subscribe email in exchange for a coupon code on their first purchase. This is a brilliant idea how to use coupons to convert visitors into buyers for online stores, executed by the best BigCommerce app to build popups.

Better Coupon Box Popups

What’s special is, Better Coupon Box lets you target the right customers and save costs with multiple trigger options:

  • Show to all customers / New customers only / Return customers only
  • Show on specific product/category pages
  • Show on exit-intent to catch leaving customers
  • Show automatically or only when manually opened by customers
  • ….

Pricing: Free, Premium version at $99 / year with 15 Days Free Trial

#6. Sweet Tooth – Loyalty Rewards Program


  • Multiple-option loyalty program to reward your shoppers with points
  • 6 modern themes to fit with the look and feel of your store
  • segment your customers based on how loyal they are


There are many loyalty solutions for BigCommerce, but we think this is the top BigCommerce app. It helps you build a point-based loyalty program on your store. You can reward points to your customers if they take profitable actions on the site, such as purchases, referrals, account registrations, social shares, and more. You can decide what actions and how many points to reward on the app settings.

sweet tooth loyalty program for BigCommerce

Pricing: Free with up to 500 members, from $59 – Custom pricing, based on number of members (>500) –

#5. Walmart Marketplace Integration by CedCommerce


  • Connect BigCommerce store with – among the largest marketplace of U.S.
  • Real time synchronization
  • Product custom pricing
  • Threshold Quantity: Define a number below which the item in question’s inventory status is sent to Walmart as Zero


The Walmart Marketplace integration lets you connect Bigcommerce store with – among the largest marketplace of U.S.

Walmart Integration uses API communication mechanism to establish a seamless bond between the two platforms – BigCommerce and This enables you to perform all the sales critical operations – items setup and management, inventory and order management, and pricing – from your store.

Simply list your BigCommerce store products at and receive the orders at your store itself – no juggling multiple accounts.

Pricing: custom

#4. Aftership – Both You & Your Customers Can Track Shipments


  • You can track all your shipments in one place
  • Your customers can track delivery status easily
  • Support UPS, FedEx, USPS, China Post and 350+ couriers in the globe


Aftership is one of the best BigCommerce apps in shipping management. In the app dashboard, you can track the status of all shipments, and view a detailed analytics report on shipments that are delivered, pending or overdue. Detecting delivery exceptional trends in the report will help you take actions. The app also automatically sends out customized notifications to customers when a shipment is in transit, out for delivery, failed attempt, etc.

For your customers, they can view the delivery status of their order in 1 click, and receive auto delivery notification right when the order is delivered.

Track Button - AfterShip Features

Pricing: Free to Custom based on number of shipments per month –

#3. Boost Sales – Upsell & Cross-sell, Discount, Bundle deals


  • Support both customer offers and automated product upsell & cross-sell offers
  • Sales Gamification feature that motivates customers to spend even more
  • Holiday themes collection to drive attraction on holidays season


Built from the original idea of upselling and cross-selling tactics applied by Amazon and other big eCommerce sites in the work, Boost Sales app helps sell more to each customer, increase average order value by upselling and cross-selling relevant products they’re interested in.

The offers show up in form of interactive popups. While product upsell alternates cart options with higher-priced items, cross-sell allows you to bundle complementary products into a combo and sell at a value price.

The app also incorporates Sales Gamification technique: if you set a price threshold to offer a discount code, the app will motivate your customers to spend a little more and reach the goal to receive the special offer. It looks like this:

Boost Sales by Beeketing | Upsell & Cross-sell with Coupon

Pricing: $50 – $57 – $59/ month

#2. Sellbrite – Multi-channel listing app


  • List and sell your BigCommerce products on multiple sales channels: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, Sears, Newegg, Rakuten,…
  • Auto-sync will all channels to manage your central inventory in just 1 place
  • Streamline order fulfillment with a centralized order management and shipping software.


Once installed into your BigCommerce store, Sellbrite helps you list your inventory from one central catalog to several popular online marketplaces by bulk. When you sell on other marketplaces, central inventory will be automatically synced real-time to prevent overselling.

When sales are made on each of the channels, the orders seamlessly flow into Sellbrite so you can print discounted shipping labels and ship all your orders from a single interface, or automatically route orders to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Pricing: Custom from $220 / month, based on number of orders/month with 14 Days Free Trial

#1. Checkout Boost – Social Sharing, Countdown Timer, Exit-intent Offers


  • Create urgency by Countdown offers with an interactive timer on site
  • Encourage cart sharing on social media to drive social referral traffic
  • Post-purchase Upsell to promote repeat purchases


Focusing on boosting checkout rate, this little awesome app is a unique one that you cannot find a substitute on BigCommerce App store. When customers add items to cart, you can motivate them to finish checkout by running different types of exciting offers with this app:

  • Offer them a free gift, discount or free shipping code before checkout, and add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency:

countdown timer to boost checkout

  • Run exit-intent offers to catch customers who’re about to abandon their cart
  • Motivate customers to spend more to receive special offers with Sales Gamification technique
  • Upsell more relevant items after checkout to promote repeat purchase
  • Ask customers to share their cart to Facebook/Twitter to receive special offers

With the last one, not only can you increase checkout rate but you can also get decent social referral traffic from your customers’ shares.

You can see different types of offer you can create with Checkout Boost app here.

Pricing: $40 – $47 – $49 / month with 15 Days Free Trial


Wrap Up

Though BigCommerce includes some add-on features in their admin to help you promote deals on your store (Banners) and improve SEO rankings, the App Marketplace still has a lot of potential tools from third parties that can give you a strong boost in sales growth.

Above are the top 10 best BigCommerce apps we’ve collected from our own research and testing. There is no “1 size fit all”, of course. Try ones that you feel like, keep testing and the numbers will tell you which ones work best for your business.

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