In more than 1400+ apps on Shopify App store, there are super awesome and efficient apps that are, well, totally free. Shopify store owners love the free apps because they can generate revenue at no cost.

You may be able to search many lists of Top free Shopify apps in 2014 and 2015, but the game changes over time. Let’s see what are the best free apps in 2017 that you, if being a Shopify entrepreneur, should definitely pay attention to.

#1 Better Coupon Box better coupon box

Standing as the No.1 Free app in Marketing categories for a long while with nearly 2,300 reviews, Better Coupon Box is being used by more than 70,000 Shopify stores.

Better Coupon Box

The idea is simple: to offer site visitors a discount coupon if they follow social accounts or subscribe email for newsletters. Stores installing this app with a view to rocketing followers for their Facebook / Twitter accounts and growing email list to sell much better with email marketing.


Better Coupon Box provides Premium Version for Shopify store owners. This advanced version lets you customize coupon pop up with these upgraded features:

  • Show exit-intent popups right before customers leave, offer a coupon code to convert them into sales
  • Trigger popups on specific pages and to specific customer groups
  • Automatically sync email contacts with MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, GetResponse, Mailbot…
  • Freely customize popup themes so popups match with your store’s look and feel

#2 Yotpo Yotpo logo

survey conducted by Dimensional Research revealed that 90% of participants are influenced by online reviews when making a buying decision. Amazon’s hot sellers have hundreds to thousands of reviews from verified purchasers. The social proof really matters to driving online sales.

Yotpo Reviews app is the best tool in Shopify to help online stores generate reviews for products, by sending follow-up emails after purchase to politely request a review from customers, or by popups or static form on the product page: Reviews by Yotpo example

The app starts out with a free plan for stores simply want to generate reviews for products. More advanced features social integration, Google Seller ratings, Community Q&A,…come in custom paid plans.

#3 Countdown Cart Best Shopify Apps

When a person thinks that something is running out, they want it more. It’s all about the human inner psychology. If you know how to create a strong sense of urgency and scarcity for your Shopify store, you are making big money.

Have no idea how to achieve that just yet? Countdown Cart is the perfect tool for you! Immediately adds a countdown timer, a stock countdown, and a social proof widget to your product pages after being installed, provides a nice prompt to nudge shoppers towards a purchase, the app can remarkably increase your conversions.

Free Shopify Apps

#4 Infinite Options Infinite Options

If you are frustrated by the limited amount of 3 customizations on each product page, then this free app is definitely for you. To give you customers more product choices and increase the chance of selling successfully, this app helps you add unlimited personalizations to any product for any reason, thus create unlimited product options for customers to choose from.

#5 Aftership 

In e-Commerce, it’s important to be able to track shipping process of all orders efficiently and precisely. This must-have free app helps you keep track of all shipping activities by:

  • Auto track all your shipments – UPS, USPS, Fedex & 335+ couriers
  • Display tracking results at your store
  • Notify customers when in transit, out for delivery, delivered and exceptions

Aftership supports  335+ Couriers Worldwide.

#6 Quick Facebook Live Chat quick facebook chat app

Find it time-consuming to be online all the time to chat live with customers on your store? Or frustrated about dealing with offline messages flooding your email box? Not like that with Quick Facebook Live Chat app, which allows your customers to send messages to your Facebook page inbox right on the store. Then, you can chat with them via inbox as Facebook friends and turn them into your paying customers. Your conversation history with customers is forever saved in Facebook messenger. No more emails exchange for customer support, because social networks now take reign of real-time customer support.

Quick Facebook Chat

#7 Sumo List Builder Sumome for Shopify

Want to bring in 20-50%+ more daily email subscribers? List Builder is a neat feature within Sumo’s Shopify app that helps you convert visitors into lifelong customers.

With List Builder the average opt-in rate is 2.9%. Growing your email list could make a big difference to your revenue.

List Builder enables you to add a bunch of neat email capture opportunities to your Shopify store including:


  • Welcome Mat: Welcome Mat displays a full-screen call to action that appears when visitors land on your site. If you have an opt-in offer (maybe a discount for email subscribers), this is a great way to increase awareness of your offer and grow your list. For example:

sumome welcome mat

  • Scroll Box: With Scroll Box you can add a polite CTA that’s triggered as a visitor scrolls through your Shopify store. For example:

sumome scroll box


#8 Alt Text Al Text

ALT TEXT is one of the most important attributes that optimize the search engine (SEO) for your product images in Google. Search engines can detect keyword spamming in alternative text and drop your site in the rankings. With ALT Text, you don’t have to worry about writing the alternative text yourself. It does most of the work for you.

#9 Sales Pop Sales Pop app

First launched in January 2017, Sales Pop has been one of the most popular Shopify free apps, with 25,000 active users and more than 2,400 reviews, moving to the top as the No.1 Sales app after just 2 weeks.

Leveraging the power of social proof, Sales Pop helps create the sense of a busy store by displaying notifications of recent sales on the corner when someone visits the website.

Once installed, the app automatically syncs with store’s data to retrieve latest successfully orders and turn them into notification popup, like this:

recent sales notification popup by Sales Pop app

Your store is new and hasn’t got any sales yet? No worries, you can create custom notifications to promote any items as you want.

These recent-sales popups build trust in your new customers that many others are happily shopping there, and clear away their hesitation to place orders.

The best news is, this awesome app is totally FREE. (You can find other similar apps on Shopify app store, but the cheapest one would be $7.99 / month).

#10 Mobile Web Boost Best Shopify Apps

Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic years ago but sadly the conversion rates for mobile still lag way behind desktop conversions. It’s simple that shopping on desktop brings a much better experience than on the small screen devices. So how to improve mobile conversion rate? Just by making the product pages easier to navigate, and more clear, you will be able to significantly boost conversions and revenue from your mobile customers.

Searching for a solution? Mobile Web Boost is strongly recommended! The app eliminates the disadvantages, satisfies your customers and drives their actions while they are browsing your online stores on the smartphones. Free, simple but unexpectedly effective: these are the words to describe Mobile Web Boost.

Free Shopify Apps

#11 Bulk Discounts Bulk Discounts

A made-by-Shopify app, Bulk Discounts is a must-have app that helps you generate thousands of unique discount codes in a few clicks.

With Bulk Discounts app, you can:

  • Create single-use, limited-use or unlimited-use codes that expire after a certain date
  • Give each discount set a custom prefix
  • Keep track of how many discounts have been used
  • Easily calculate conversion rate of discount sets
  • Delete discount sets
  • Export discount sets as plain text

Note: Stores on Shopify’s ‘Starter’ plan don’t have access to Discounts and won’t be able to use the Shopify Bulk Discounts app.

#12 SEO Meta Manager SEO Meta Manager

If asked, I would say SEO is the scariest part in running an online website, but it’s one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site – having your store show up on the first page of Google. SEO Meta Manager is thus made to help you Improve your shop’s search engine ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It has over 20 powerful and unparalleled features simultaneously allowing you enhanced control over your site’s SEO.

#13 Happy Email Happy Email

Not a full email marketing solution, this super simple but awesome app helps you send customers welcome email after the first purchase order of signing-up. What’s special is, the emails are sent out from the Founder’s email (or anybody’s email you’d like to set up), automatically after 30 minutes. 

Here’s how an example email looks like:

Thank you email

#14 Persistent Cart Persistant cart

Having nearly 1,000 reviews, Persistent Cart is really worth you try if you’re looking for ways to get back lost revenue by recovering abandoned carts.

So what exactly does this app do for your store? It saves all items in the cart when your customer is logged in. When they switch to a different computer or logout & login, it adds back the previous items to their cart. That’s all. Sounds simple huh? Try it and you’ll know how effectively it can turn your abandoning visitors into paying customers.

#15 Personalized Recommendations prec logo

70% of Amazon’s homepage is dedicated to product recommendations.

Embracing this idea, Personalized Recommendations is a must-have Shopify app that increases your revenue by showing the right product, to the right customers, at the right time.

The app creates smart recommendation widgets to tailor product recommendations based on customer’s behavior on your store. For first time visitors, they will see recommendations based on other shoppers’ browsing and buying patterns. For return customers, they will see personalized recommendations based on their browsing habits from the past.

Personalized Recommendations – Ecommerce Plugins for Online Stores – Shopify App Store - Google Chrome 2017-06-14 14.51.26

Personalized Recommendation app builds 5 types of widgets and gives you the options to set up appropriate types of recommendation on each page:

  • Customers who bought this also bought
  • Bestsellers of the store
  • Recently viewed & featured recommendation
  • Recommendation based on cart
  • What’s special: Smart upsell popup to lift up your add-to-cart rate and boost more sales. When customers add an item from recommendations widget, a nice & clean upsell pop up will come up to suggest them more related items they mostly want to buy.


Besides, if you are interested in upselling and cross-selling, you can take a look at Boost Sales, a marketing app that focuses on building advanced upsell and cross-sell offers. See Boost Sales review

Final Thoughts

These may not be the best apps to help you sell with Shopify. But considering tight budget, especially for newly established stores, these free apps are really sweet offers. Take your time to experience each one, and let other Shopify entrepreneurs know how these apps work for your business!

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