Hey guys! The season of love is coming in just a week, have you got any plans to make your online store look sweet and rosy?

For every special occasion, Better Coupon Box team never forgets to bring some goodies to help decorate your online stores and excite your customers. This Valentines, the tradition goes on with 03 Lovely Gifts that you would love to try on your store.

#3 Bring the roses of love to your store with Brand New Valentines Theme

We’re happy that Better Coupon Box customers always love the beautiful Holiday Themes Collection and ask for more. Thus, this season, we have just added a brand new Valentines Theme to bring the color of love to your store.

Better Coupon Box's Holiday Themes

Don’t be out of date with the simple basic theme. A little holiday color can excite your customers and make them more willing to purchase these days.

#2 Multiple coupon boxes to target different discounts to different customers

If you love Better Coupon Box, you will hate that it allows only 1 coupon box at a time! We know it, and we’re delighted to let you know that this awesome feature will be released soon: to run unlimited coupon boxes at a time on your store!

Premium Better Coupon Box


With this feature, you can target different groups of customers at the same time:

  • Never lose a potential sales by running a special coupon for those who are about to leave your store without making a purchase, detected by our smart exit-intent technology
  • Welcome your new customers by running an offer just for them

Don’t you think this awesome feature can save you a lot of marketing cost and bring in much more sales?

(coming soon)

#1 This is what all customers are always asking for: Customizable themes to design your own unique coupon boxes

Thank you for always asking us to enable this feature: design unique coupon boxes with images that match your store’s look and feel.

Premium Better Coupon Box


Now, with Better Coupon Box, you can play with imagination and creatively design your own coupon box with images that match your brand the most. What’s great is that, no CSS custom or coding skills are required, you’re good on your own!

(coming soon)

How to get these awesome new goodies for your online store:

All the best things of Better Coupon Box are included in the Premium version, at just $99/ year (And a money back guarantee within 15 days, to make sure you pay for what’s worth).

Hey, it only costs you 27 cents a day, not even equal to one ten of your breakfast, but can bring you more valuable social follows, customers’ emails, and of course, sales!

So, let’s try Premium Better Coupon Box today, to light up your store this Valentine season and from then on!

Contact us at [email protected] for instant support any time you need us.

Happy Valentines with full of love!

From all of us @Beeketing

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