The most effective way to increase your sales and revenue is to sell to your existing customers, which also costs less than it does to new customers. Most online sellers still underestimate the importance of existing customers. Here are some reasons why they shouldn’t:

  • Existing customers have experienced your products before so that they have already been convinced; if they like your products, they will come back to your stores. On the other hand, you don’t have to spend too much money on advertising so you could reduce your marketing cost.
  • They give you objective and valuable feedback because they know what’s wrong and right about your stores, your products and even your service. Moreover, they have tried products from other stores, they can compare and give you their reviews for your products which can absolutely be taken into account for further growth.
  • They are the key to access to new customers. It’s not surprising at all if you have new customers through your existing ones because customers often share their opinions on their social profiles, they chat and talk with others, recommend what they think is good for their friends…Somehow, they give your store free referrals which are 10 times trust-worthy than any of your advertising.

It’s time for you to take them seriously. We have some excellent tips that definitely help you get more sales from your existing customers.

Step 1: Make they buy more than what they planned

You can sell more for your customers by encouraging them buy more each time they visit your stores. Whenever they add a product to cart, you can simply recommend them another product that is perfectly matched with it. Of course, you shouldn’t ask them to buy another expensive one, they will hardly accept your offers. The trick here is to make your customers feel like they have a good deal, this also requires you to acquire a level of customer’s understanding. For example, when customers add a stylish short black dress to their carts, you can recommend them a pair of trendy shoes or a shiny bracelet with a lower price, then they’d love to take your offers.

Step 2: It’s all about after-sale service/ support

At this step, you must be able to convince your customers that you are trust-worthy. If you cannot, they would never come back. Giving them warranties is a way to grab them back to your stores and turn them into loyal customers. Moreover, excellent customer service is a must if you want to gain their trust. Try to handle customer’s complaints by giving them effective and proper solutions; making them feel comfortable and be listened.

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Step 3: Keep in touch with your customers

Frequently send customers emails is a good way to keep in touch with them and remember to be diversified when you do this. Some online sellers make a horrible mistake by sending customers a lot of vouchers and discounts all the time, nothing else, which somehow ruins their image in customer’s eyes. With so many discounts and vouchers throughout the year, there’s actually no sales off at all. Customers will take seller’s discounts/vouchers for granted and won’t appreciate what they give. Try to avoid this mistake by sending customers some tips, tools or advices that might be useful for them. For example, if you sell clothes, you could send customers some tips to mix their cloth sets suitable with the new hot trend. Or sometimes in special occasion, you can send your customers a congratulatory letter.

Step 4: Reward your loyal customers

Have you ever thought about this? Rewarding your loyal customers is an easy way to show customers how much you appreciate their support and also a way to get closer to your customers. With a surprising gift, they can be really touched and happy because they’ll feel like they are much more special than your other customers. Of course, you must consider carefully who your loyal customers are and have a long-term plan to take care of them.

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Step 5: Ask for their feedback

Customer’s feedback are always the most useful and objective ones. They have tried many products from different stores, therefore they can compare your products with others and give you good suggestions. You can always take customer’s feedback into account when you want to grow your business.

Asking for customer’s feedback is also a way to hold customers, this make customers involve in your business and make them feel like they are important. You can send customers email or inbox them to ask for their opinions and remember to say thanks for their help.

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The secret for everything is how much you understand your customers. The more you know about them, the more you succeed.

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