As an online seller, you may find yourself struggling day by day to improve conversion rate, to sell more, to make more profit,… Luckily we’re a part of e-commerce platforms – where there are a lot of e-commerce apps and solutions for you to choose.

Most app developers have put a lot of time and effort to bring out the best solution to help solve your problems. They’re all valuable and profitable apps. From sales, marketing to shipping, accounting,… you can easily find and test an app to see if it works with your store or not.

On average, each online store uses 3-5 apps to support their online selling. Therefore, reaching $125k revenue with only 1 app – sounds impossible, right? It’s not.

Checkout Boost

Let’s take a look at this dashboard and make a small calculation. An average order on this site is $145, so it means 862 checkout successes did generate ~ $125,000 for this store owner. Yes, $125k from Checkout Boost app only. Do you want to craft that success too?

Checkout Boost conversion rate report

*Report conducted among customers who have been using Checkout Boost for at least 1-2 months

Do you know that 67.45% of shopping carts are abandoned? As you can see from our December/2014 report, the average conversion rate for this app is 5% – 12%. On some special cases, the conversion rate goes up to > 25%, which means that among every 4 visitors shopping on your store, there’s 1 customer who actually checks out.

Isn’t that the conversion rate that you’ve ever dreamed of? Well, it’s not a dream anymore.

Your shoppers – all shoppers – have a choice. They can easily choose to buy from you or your competitors, as we’re living in an age where everything can be found within a click of search. So what influences their choices? It isn’t unique to product anymore, it’s how customers feel when they’re shopping with you. What really matters is the experience you create for your shoppers.

“Tell me how I win. When I win, you win”. That’s how the spirit goes.

Checkout Boost - win win app

It’s a win-win game that will bring you more money if you know how to take advantage of

Imagine that you’re surfing an online store for a new T-shirt. You’ve been scrolling pages to pages for half an hour, and the tips of your fingers are getting a bit numb after a while.

“Man, I wish I’d be more decisive”, you think to yourself.

Great timing! After adding a product to cart, you’re confronted by a beautifully-designed popup to offer you a free hat that matches perfectly with your chosen T-shirt.

Checkout Boost example - Free gift

The free hat is just too inviting to resist.

Checkout Boost comes in perfect timing: point of purchase, which is the most important, as customers are in “buying mode” with their credit cards out. Whether customers are ready to do business with you or not depends on this moment. After customers add a product to their cart for 3-5 seconds, a beautiful popup will appear to encourage them share their cart with friends on Facebook/ Twitter and receive a free gift / free shipping / discount.

From our customers’ checkout-boost game, they usually saw the most profitable from free gift offers. A free gift seems to add real value to your offering, which in turn drives customer willingness to spend more money… again and again.

Two other great examples are free shipping and discount, in addition with good timing as well. While discounts are too mainstream, a Deloitte study found 69% of shoppers are more likely to shop with online retailers who offer free shipping. And a ComScore study found that 61% of shoppers would quit their order if free shipping wasn’t offered.

Checkout Boost - Free shipping

What makes your offers stand out is the right message to the right customers. No one can understand your customers better than you, therefore, try to put yourself on shoppers’ shoes and think of the message they want to hear. By hitting the nail on the head, customers will be willing to spread the words and spend more money with you.

A lot of online sellers are losing money each day due to cart abandonment. By putting these ideas into action with Checkout Boost, you can get more shoppers to complete your checkout process right at the first time. And we believe 25% conversion rate is achievable with your store too. But how? Our top secrets on how to use Checkout Boost app to bring you the best money have been revealed here. Start now to grow your sales!


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