If you have ever purchased a product from Zappos, you must have noticed that their customer service is top-notch. In fact, best customer service has always been what makes Zappos successful.

What’s more, studies show that, customers will be 300% more likely to come back and buy more by adding a personal touch to customer service.

Customers love someone who they can talk to and trust, so the key to never miss any sales is to be a casual and helpful friend to them

Meanwhile, Facebook is among the most popular social media that customers use, so why not leverage what your Facebook account and utilize it as the most friendly customer support channel ever?

We are glad to introduce our new app – Quick Facebook Chat app to help you level up your customer support, get close to and engage with customers on Facebook.

Quick Facebook Chat - never lose a customer with on-site Facebook chat

How does it work?

What better way to find out customer’s name, face, age, even hobbies and professional background, or in other words, a persona, than looking at their Facebook profile? Quick Facebook Chat app gives you access to just that to bring them closer to you. Let’s take a look at how the app can help you do that:

Chat with customers on your store as Facebook friends

Quick Facebook Chat app offers neither a ticket to submit nor a chat window. Instead, customers use their own Facebook accounts to chat directly with you on store, so you can easily view their Facebook profiles while providing support.

Quick Facebook Chat app - Facebook live chat window

Get closer to customers for a more personal relationship

Because you are not just chatting with an anonymous online account, you can personalize conversation for each of them. Your customers will also feel more like talking to a real person, not a canned response. It’s never easier to get closer, build trust and establish relationship with your customers like between real people.  Quick Facebook Chat app - Facebook customer support on-site

Build rapport and get ready for more sales in the future!

After you have a general idea of customer’s persona, who they are, and what they like, why not offer them a personalized gift or discount code as a reward program? Also, revisit conversations anytime to check for their after-support experience.

Quick and simple to install

The best thing about Quick Facebook Chat is that it is optimized to bring the best experience for both you and your customers. Only 1 minute and you’ll get a Facebook live chat support window on store, no coding skill required.

Quick Facebook Chat - live chat customer support on-store

At the end of the day, Quick Facebook Chat app aims to bring the most friendly and personal customer support ever, so that you won’t lose any customer or sales.

So why not get Quick Facebook Chat app on your store to start your amazing customer service and increase sales today?

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