We have a combo of 2 killing tools for guys who wanna do marketing automation for their online store. Read on to better understand our Personalized Recommendation app or scroll down for a comprehensive pack of solutions.

When you hit Amazon’s homepage, from the top to bottom of the page is a great variety of item suggestions such as:

  • “What Other Customers Are Looking At Right Now”
  • “Best Sellers”
  • “Most Wishes For”

Then, as you randomly do some search, view or browsing, somehow the engine gets to know you so fast that it instantly suggests you the right “More Items To Consider” or “Inspired By Your Shopping Trends”. Amazon’s recommendation engine is famous for “trumping the competition” as put by David Gaughran, and perhaps it’s their killing weapon to win the game. No wonder why Amazon dedicates 70% of their homepage to all kinds of recommendations.

Both inspired and challenged by this so-called recommendation engine of the giant Amazon, we’ve been working hard to bring the same powerful technique in our new app – Personalized Recommendation: to help you sell better like Amazon while saving your time and efforts.


Personalized Recommendation app – To sell like Amazon

How does it work?

Basically the algorithm is built on simple terms: every moment a shopper performs searching, browsing and purchasing activities, the system will automatically record, aggregate, analyze the data, make predictions and finally give him the right suggestions that he’s most likely to collect into his shopping cart. All these recommendations are not randomly made, but wisely chosen. The success of automated and predictive recommendation has been proved by Amazon, which gives us no doubt applying it to create Personalized Recommendation for Shopify sellers.

At the end of the day, Personalized Recommendation app’s mission is to encourage your shoppers to spend more and more, build their trust on your automated consultancy and make them become your brand lover. Then what’s next? Bingo! You are selling just like Amazon 🙂

04 Types of Personalized Recommendations That Really Work:

So, let’s make a quick D-tour over 4 main functions of Personalized Recommendation app to see why it works.

  • Store Best Sellers

Similar to Amazon, when visitors first land on your homepage, bestselling items will be displayed just like best-sellers are put right in the front door of any retailing shop to catch attention from customers. You don’t know if your customers have yet anything in their mind when they set foot on your store, do you?

  • Recently Viewed & Featured Recommendations

As they walk around your store, we will secretly follow their every step. Whatever they search and view will be recorded and presented in the Recently Viewed & Featured Recommendations in all pages, as a constant reminder so that your customers will not miss what they may want to buy.

  • Bought This Also Bought

Their behaviours are not the only factor that matters, as what is recommended for them is also affected by what other customers browse, view and purchase. “We aren’t as unique as we’d like to think”, again said by David Gaughran. True story that we are more likely to fall for things those of similar traits to us fall for. Such a good guess to count on, isn’t it?

  • Cart Recommendations

At the last step of the purchase cycle, we make the best guess of what shoppers are highly interested in based on current items in their cart when checking out. When customers add items to cart, this widget will collect and analyze data to show recommendations of similar or complementary products. These products are our best guess that customers will most willing to purchase.


Personalized Recommendation app…

In short, every action that your customers take in your online store is gathered into a big pool of data exploited by our Personalized Recommendation system, on a sole purpose of learning your customers’ tastes and preferences, presenting to them the most relevant and personalized items, making them pay more, building your brand love and thus increasing your revenue to the max.

We’ve combined here best practices on how to use the app effectively for your online store, take a look.

… and even more to complete marketing automation strategy for your online store 🙂

Marketing Automation is an advanced sales & marketing strategy combined of product recommendation engine and automated email marketing, both empowered by the big data technology. You do e-Commerce and you don’t care about marketing automation? You must be running behind the whole world.

Personalized Recommendation and Email Automation apps are built in one common big data pool. We understand customers by collecting and analyzing all their browsing and purchase behaviors to complete 2 tasks:

  • Increase conversion rates at every point on site by recommending the right products they most likely purchase (Personalized Recommendation)
  • Follow up with automated personalized emails to retain and reward customers, nurturing both long-term sales and relationships (MailBot)

So why do you wait trying out Personalized Recommendation and Email Automation while a 15-day free trial is available for both? Save your time and stay tuned with us to see your sales climb right here with Beeketing’s marketing automation platform.


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