It is believed that there is only one chance to make a first impression in any relationship and this feeling also may last for a very long period of time. Once the feeling goes wrong, it may cost a firm a huge amount of money (and even time) to regain clients’ confidence. With an average of 50-60% open rate (based on Experian research), a welcome email acts as an effective mean of communication which conveys all of the marketing messages of the company.

Let’s dive in and see how you can optimize 5 most important elements that make an out-of-the-box Welcome Email.

If you don’t know how to quickly send your Welcome Email, Happy Email – Automated Thank You Email, is highly recommended because this free app can help your online store win the first impression of customers in just a blink of an eye.


Email Header:

Literally, a complicated welcome email header will confuse customers as they cannot recognize quickly who the sender is. Therefore, stay minimal, concise and appealing.

Email header

For instance, Conde Nast Traveler has made a plain header for their subscribers to get the brand image and slogan via a welcome email. By using two tools, you can effortlessly create your own simple but effective brand image and send it to your all customers:

  • Design your eye-catching and informative header with Canva in just a few minutes.


Thousands of free templates

CTA button:

Though each call-to-action is unique, they all share the same purpose: to encourage customers to take prompt action. Your aim is finding a creative way to make a striking CTA for your emails.


For Virgin America, the playful “Welcome Aboard” combined with a casual call-to-action “Grab a seat” make customers feel like they are joining a travel flight. Virgin America succeeds to position itself as ticket seller right off the bat.

There is an advantage for Shopify store owners as it possesses a feature that uses a shareable link to promote a discount. The default shareable link directs customers to your store’s home page, a specific collection or a product page. Also, customers will be able to get the discount automatically in the next checkout cart.

Social profiles:

Social media is a powerful method to not only build trust but also encourage customers to share your website with their friends and network.

Glossier was very intelligent while encouraging users to connect with them on Instagram by featuring some customers’ feedbacks. This is such a great way to make new customers understand more about your brand and also feel like they can contribute to creating your brand unique story.

Subject Line:

A welcome email performs best only when it is trustful and clear enough to grab prospects’ attention. And the subject line is the key element to improve it. To make your welcome email stand out of crowded inboxes, I listed out some tips that you can apply and optimize yours:

  • Avoid Spam words: If you don’t want your recipients to mark your email as spam and never read it again then watch your headlines for unwanted words, phrases. For the detailed list of spam words for not only welcome emails but also all marketing emails, you can check out our spam words to avoid in email marketing
  • Personalization: Obviously, adding personalization can help any email. By adding your reader personal name make them feel like they’re connected, it also builds a sense of sincerity. Luckily, you can easy to customize your email by adding {{ customer.first_name }} as a variable for Customer Name in Happy Email.
  • Not ridiculous long subject: Impression is needed in the subject line, however, you should not make it weird and long as an endless road. You only need less than 35 characters to attract a quick glance from readers.

Track of Email sent:

In this exceedingly competitive and crowded email environment, Email Tracking is the most necessary work that people should not forget. It not only gives you the power to build and maintain relationships but also provides with valuable insights by looking at customers’ interactions. Fortunately, Happy Email is always ready to start tracking your email performance whenever you sent it to your customers.

Happy Email

With these email interactions, you will be able to strengthen the relationships by specifically catering to individuals. Furthermore, the free application also allows you to track the interactions with your products so that you can deeply understand your customers’ behaviors and fit all their needs.

Happy Email 2

Final note:

Do not hesitate to create different versions of your creative email because testing is crucial. Analyze performance of each version by the data source to find which acquisition performs the most efficiently.


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