You have been doing good with SEO.

You spend a bunch of money on Facebook Ads and Google Ads to let people be aware of your brand.

After those significant efforts, of course, your store will have a lot of visits from potential customers. However…

Everything will be such a waste if they just give you a 5-second visit and bounce away immediately without any intent to purchase or come back later. Thus, if you’re finding some creative ways to turn those visitors into sales, keep reading. We’ll show you six killer tips to optimize your product page for higher conversions. Let’s dive in.

1. Product Photos – your killing shot to convert first-time visitors

It is difficult to buy from a store that has unattractive photos of their products, isn’t it?

One of the biggest barriers when shopping online is the lack of product experience. You cannot actually see, touch or feel the products. Thus, through viewing your product photos, your customers will decide whether or not they should keep browsing.

Fact: 33.16% of customers prefer to see multiple photos of a product before they make a purchase.

Let‘s look at how a home furnishing store, Pottery Barn, uses a variety of images to show off its products. The site has been successful with user experience by expressing all the important features of the products from multiple angles.

Optimize product page image

To improve kinds of stuff related to aesthetic factors in general and to improve product images in particular require a lot of time and effort. However, you should at least remember the how-to-optimize-photos tips below if you want to drive your shoppers into conversion.

  • Allow the customers to enlarge and see the products in more details with high quality and large resolution images.
  • Use more than one photo and offer multiple angles for consumers to view the item
  • Show the product in use including user-generated content. The low quality but real images from customers are still more trustworthy than promotional photos from manufacturers.
  • Use videos when possible. To provide the best experience for online shoppers, nothing can beat videos.
  • Be consistent with similar lighting, sizing, and spacing in all the photos. Image consistency will not only improve the look of your store page but also make browsing through products in your store easier.

2. Write compelling product descriptions that actually sell

Beyond product images, other information about the product should be included. The amount of necessary information depends on whether the value of a product is high or low. With a high-value product, you will need more effort to convince customers why it deserves that much money.

An eCommerce product page should have the following elements and formats:

  • An outstanding product title
  • Price
  • Important features and components
  • The material of the product
  • Care and maintenance instructions
  • Information about the brand
  • Size / dimensions / capacity

You can take a look at how Amazon presents their product listing in the picture below. This is a typical example of what informative product content is. Through the detailed description, the customers will find everything they need to decide if they want to buy it.

Optimize product page listing

Remember: optimize your eCommerce product page content for search engines as well. The higher your rank is in search engine result pages (SERPs), the more potential customers you will get in the first place.

It is not easy at all to write a unique product description to stimulate buyers. You can refer to several suggestions below to start with. Don’t forget to make this information relevant, useful, and easy to understand for your customers.

    • Keep your product descriptions short and interesting.
    • Include engaging information that features your brand.
    • Always optimize content for the product page keyword you want to SEO
    • Use a clear structure, headings, and bullet points to improve readability.
  • Include relevant specifications.

3. Create a sense of urgency in customers’ mind to boost checkout rate

Another point that not so many people notice is that a clear Call to action is not enough to press the customer to complete their purchase. Instead, you need to urge them to buy. Customers always tend to delay buying. Why should they make a decision quickly if they don’t have to?

Create product page urgency

You can try setting up a countdown timer to give every customer an ultimatum: To buy as soon as possible to not lose the deal if the countdown hits zero. This is a small but easiest and quickest tip to convert sales.

You can also show how many items left in stock of every single product on your store. The value of your products will increase irrationally and make your customers want it more when they see the products running out.

4. Optimize your eCommerce product pages for Mobile

In December 2017, 82% of online customers in the United States use mobile devices for shopping, 35% of them are mobile-only online shoppers. Besides, Google has been updating a lot on Mobile platform and has informed about the ranking system separation between mobile and desktop. In this case, you should notice and prepare your product pages carefully to suit the new mobile-first indexing algorithm. This has left you no choice but to optimize your site and product pages for mobile devices. 

product page statistic

Image Source: Marketingcharts

Do you have any ideas popping up in your head after looking at the statistics chart above? Hope that our recommendations can help you figure out what to do next to deal with those mobile shopping problems.

  • Create easy-to-click buttons so visitors will not misclick what they don’t mean to
  • Analyze your website and find all the opportunities to optimize for mobile page load performance.
    • You can try visiting to test your website and optimize following its suggestions
    • Reduce the image file sizes served by compressing them before uploading
    • If you know a little about coding, avoid heavy loading JS that slows render time or moves content around the page after initial render
  • Design for Mobile UX. Because mobile users interact with your webpage with their thumbs, you should place the important call-to-actions in easy reach of your users
  • To remind you again, the ability to zoom in and manipulate an image to take a closer look is a must-have function in your site.  

Another recommendation: To maximize mobile conversions, you can try the Mobile Converter App. With the function to set a fixed call-to-action bar on top or bottom of the mobile screen where visitors can easily touch with their thumbs while scrolling up or down on the product pages, the app nudges them to hit the button – Add to cart. Thus, the higher conversion rate is assured.

product page mobile optimize

Over 10,000 eCommerce stores are using Mobile Converter to make more sales from mobile.

5. Customer Reviews and Ratings – Best tools for building trust

In the sales funnel, the customers always need to trust before they decide to try any product. Reading good reviews and ratings can clear any doubts they might have about a product and can help them purchase much quickly. However, you need to focus on your product quality first to make sure people want to give them positive thoughts.

Traditionally, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies ever through building the deep belief between shoppers with shoppers. There is, fortunately, a piece of worthy information that 85% of consumers today trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

product page with review

Sales Pop has had over 16000 reviews which make it very trustworthy

People often check what previous buyers review about a product to look for the advantages and disadvantages. That’s why a good strategy right there is to put social proofs such as reviews and testimonials on your eCommerce product pages, right at the step before a purchase decision. Looking at the way Optimal Artifact store has built belief in their customers as in the picture below, do you think you want to try that lens case for your phone after reading the reviews? I bet you would say yes.

optimize product page review

Source: Optimal Artifact

A small takeaway: when new customers come to you, always ask them to leave some reviews. You can offer them gift cards to use with their friends the next time.

6. Upsell and Cross-sell Tactics

Searching for a product means that customers are finding out solutions to deal with their problems. If another better choice appears during searching progress, there will be a big chance that the customers will grab that new choice.

The mission of a successful product page is to help the buyers find the best products. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the chance to promote other products because the customers hope to receive the more suitable recommendation from you.

You can recommend relevant or higher-end items to your shoppers when they’re on a product page. This can help you engage them and encourage them to make more purchases.

product page recommendation

Boost Sales App – Best choice to Upsell and Cross-sell with customized themes

Many eCommerce brands use upselling and cross-selling techniques to maximize average order size and revenue. If customers are on an eCommerce product page introducing a Macbook, for example, they will see suggestions about relevant products such as a case, a screen protector, HDMI adapter and so on. It is highly likely that they will consider buying these recommended products.

This is the powerful method that has helped Brighter White to perform its upsell and cross-sell tactics. From the first Mouth Tray Set that has been added to cart, Brighter White ‘s customers will be more likely to buy Teeth Whitening Pen as well.

upsell and crosssell in product page

You can also recommend many products at the same time by adding a recommendation widget into your product page based on the products that people have viewed or bought recently. This will help you to engage with the warm customers who have known about your shop and have visited your product pages. The return rate will be really impressive as same as many eCommerce platforms have been booming.

Final Thoughts

You have spent a lot of time and marketing effort earning the visitors to your store. Therefore, don’t squander those resources with a careless product page. Instead, let’s turn it into a killer online salesman to provide a better shopping experience for your customers, to increase your sales and to boost the conversion rate dramatically.

Do you have any other ideas to improve product pages? Please share with us your thoughts about this topic in the comment section below and we‘ll figure out how we can make those ideas become better.

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