“If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late”

– Reid Hoffman –

Checkout Boost was the very first Beeketing app we released into Shopify market in 2014, even before we officially announced Beeketing as a registered company.

We built this app from a simple idea that social network sharing can bring amplified referral traffic and sales to online stores. We had so much faith in the app that we boldly introduced its first version very early, which, to be honest, we today feel quite embarrassed about.

We’ve gone such a long way in the past 2.5 years bringing Checkout Boost from zero to an app trusted by 7,409 online business owners with nearly 100 five-star reviews.

Today, we are proud and excited to achieve a big milestone: the release of NEW Checkout Boost, with revolutionary features that make the app much more advanced and powerful than its original version. This is by far the biggest update that makes us confident to promise a 7+ times higher conversion rate and sales for your online store.

Let’s explore.

#1 Countdown Timer

While the basic offer type aims to promote social sharing by asking customers to share their carts to Facebook/Twitter in exchange for a free gift / free shipping / discount code, Countdown timer offer applies a simple yet popular mind-trick rule: people are more prompted to take spontaneous action when being pressed for time.

Checkout Boost’s countdown offer enables you to create a sense of urgency that motivates customers to complete their order and take the special offer before time runs out.

countdown timer offer to boost checkout>> Check our live demo of Countdown offer

The countdown timer will run real-time in the offer popup as above. If customers close the popup, the timer will be minimized to an icon at the page corner that continues counting to remind customers of their remaining time.

#2 Post-purchase Offers + Smart Upsell

Checkout Boost offers used to work only before checkout step, which is a big regret for store owners who only want to show special deals after the first order being completed.

In this updated version, we make post-purchase offers possible, together with Smart Upsell technology, like this:

shopify listing post purchase no water mark

When customers finish checkout and are redirected to Thank-you page, they will receive a coupon offer (you can ask your customers to share their order on their social pages in return for the coupon) as a thank-you gift for completing the order.

What’s great is, we also apply machine learning and big data to upsell items we think your customers will like, based on their cart. These personalized product recommendations will show on the coupon popup as above, to motivate customers to come back and make more purchases immediately.

Post-purchase Upsell offers aim to sell more to current buyers and turn them into loyal customers for your store.

#3 Buy-1-Get-1 Offer

For the first time, Checkout Boost now supports the powerful Buy-1-Get-1 (aka BOGO) type of offers, using free gift deals.

For example, you can give customers another item of the product they are about to purchase for free, by creating a free-gift offer in which the target product and the free gift are the same.

buy 1 get 1 offer to boost checkout
>> Check our live demo of BOGO offer

Now that Checkout Boost supports multiple offers (read below), you can create as many BOGO offers as you want.

#4 Mixed Conditions to Run Multiple Offers Simultaneously

Commonly in previous versions, our users only set up 1 general offer for all products and 1 exit-intent offer to catch leaving customers.

What a pity if our customers wouldn’t be able to run many targeted offers for different products or collections! Thus, we make this possible in today’s latest version of the app by supporting mixed conditions.

For each offer, you can set up mixed rules of product/collection and price range to determine if the offer should show.

  • Choose All if you want the offer to show when ALL rules are matched
  • Choose Any if you want the offer to show when at least 1 of the rules is matched

checkout-boost-offer-rulesBy setting rules for each offer, you can run multiple offers at the same time, each working with a specific number of products in a different price range without overlapping each other.

In case there are offers that apply to the same products / price ranges, which are met first will show up, and the others will not appear.

For example: we set up a countdown offer and a sales motivator offer for the same product. In order to receive sales motivator offer, one needs to reach $100 in his cart, while countdown offer automatically pops up if that exact product is added to cart. In this case, countdown offer will show up and sales motivator offer will never show.


Never before has Checkout Boost been so diverse in types of offers it supports like now…

From social-share-to-get and exit-intent offers only, the year 2017 sees such a stronger Checkout Boost version, with many interesting types of offers added: Countdown Timer, BOGO and Post-purchase Upsell.

Combining all types of offer in an overall smart strategy, you will maximize the potential of social network sharing, urgency, upselling tactics altogether, and multiply extra sales generated for your store.

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