Let’s take a random tour to Amazon.com, after browsing some products, you’ll find a variety of product suggestions. For example, on a particular product page, you’ll see “Frequently Bought Together” items. While moving back to homepage, you will be encouraged to view “More Items To Consider” or “Inspired By Your Shopping Trends”. It feels like the homepage is customized just for you (which it actually is).

Increase sales volume for Shopify

“Our mission is to delight our customers by allowing them to serendipitously discover great products,” said an Amazon spokesperson. Not just stop there, they continue to surprise their customers by targeted emails to follow up, which results in the average conversion rate of around 60%.

At Beeketing, we see that most online sellers are amazed by how Amazon does their business. It’s quite easy to understand actually, as they have thousands of best employees in the world, while online sellers don’t. That’s why Beeketing was born with mission to help every single online seller, just like you, to sell effectively like Amazon at the minimum cost. Not to mention that everything will run automatically for you.

How automated & predictive recommendation can help you sell like big brands.

When Amazon recommends a product to you on its site, it is clearly not a coincidence. Behind the scenes, Amazon’s recommendation system is based on a number of simple elements:

  • what visitors are interested in, or what they have bought in the past
  • which items they have in their shopping cart
  • what other customers have viewed and purchased
  • ….

Judging by Amazon’s success, the recommendation system works. A lot of its growth arguably has to do with the way Amazon has integrated recommendations into nearly every part of the purchasing process from product discovery to checkout. Beeketing is bringing the same algorithm to heavily customize the browsing experience for returning customers on your Shopify stores.

The moment a visitor enters your store, he or she is followed secretly by Beeketing. Even when your customers use multiple devices and browsers, or they’re not logged in, we connect all their data to a single person to learn their interests on your store. After that, by deeply understanding your customers, we recommend the right products to the right shopper at the right time, which motivates them to buy more than planned by Product Recommendation app.

Boost sales for Shopify

At that point, any normal customers, just as they would in the supermarket, might think, “It’s just a few more bucks. Why not?”. As such, you can easily increase both the average order value on your store and total revenue.

Recommendation in website is great, but not enough. Follow-up matters.

Not only on-site recommendations, Beeketing also helps you to follow up customers automatically by personalized emails. We study key engagement metrics like open rate, click rate, opt-out carefully to find out the best content and best time to follow up your customers.

Other than that, we also employ a survival-of-the-fittest-type revenue and mail metric to prioritize Beeketing’s email ecosystem. Basically, if a customer qualifies for both a T-shirts mail and a Shoes mail, the email with a higher average revenue-per-mail-sent will win. Therefore, with a lot of product lines on your store, customers can be qualified for dozens of different items, but only the most effective one reaches their inbox.

The tactic prevents email inboxes from being flooded. At the same time it maximizes the purchase opportunity. In fact, the conversion rate and efficiency of such emails are “very high,” significantly more effective than on-site recommendations.

Increase revenue for Shopify

Moreover, Beeketing personalizes each email sent to your customers, so it feels like you actually write these emails yourself. It helps to create a strong personal connection between you and your customers. Automatically.

To learn more about the effectiveness of marketing automation emails, let’s find out why you’re losing 30% sales every month by using email marketing the old way.


Amazon uses these persuasion techniques described above because they work. It’s been so effective for Amazon that it helped them achieve a global net sales of $74.45 billion. That’s not too shabby if you ask.

And it’s not just Amazon who is using the above techniques, 6,000 of other businesses are profiting from them as well with Beeketing. So the question that comes to mind is: Why aren’t you?

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